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In addition to a great set of new functions, Apple presented its augmented reality Step app to the iOS 12 lineup. This handy tool lets you determine and level items on-the-go or when you do not have your tool kit with you. Here’s how simple it is to use.How to use the

Step tool

Make sure that the things you want to measure is in a spot with decent lighting. To measure an object from point to point, follow these actions:1)

Tap Measure at the bottom of the screen.2)

Add a beginning point at the edge of the object by tapping the Plus sign.3)

Gradually move your gadget to the other edge.4)

Tap the Plus sign when more to include the ending point.Not only can you

see the measurement as you move your phone from point to point, but in the center of the item as well, when you end up. If you tap on that last measurement, a small pop-up will appear giving you the option to copy it.The Procedure app can also immediately find rectangle-shaped things and provide you the dimensions.1)

Tap Measure at the bottom of the screen.2)

Move your gadget gradually over the item.3)

When the app acknowledges the shape, you will see it laid out in yellow.4)

Tap to catch the dimensions.You can likewise tap the specific measurements of the things to open the pop-up window as described above.How to utilize the level tool You can use

the level part

of the app just as quickly as the step tool. This is ideal for ensuring objects like racks, wall art, and surface areas are level.1)

Tap Level at the bottom of the screen.2)

Hold your device in either picture view with the bottom resting on the things or landscape view with the side on the things. For leveling a surface like a table or desk, simply lay your device flat on the things.3)

You will right away see the level degrees of the things. By tilting your gadget you’ll see those degrees change.How to change the

measurement units The Measure app offers measurement systems in either Imperial or Metric and it’s basic to alter.1 )Open your gadget Settings.2) Scroll down to and tap Procedure.3)Tap to choose either Imperial or Metric. Wrapping it up You never

know when you may need to record a fast measurement or

make sure something is level. This practical Procedure app is a great, convenient addition to iOS 12. Have you attempted it

yet? If so, what you do you consider it?