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Stephen Tamlin

This is the first in Branching Out Europe’s monthly series that takes a look at the best lead generation applications available online. Our January 2015 app of the month is the landing page creator Unbounce. There are various landing page software providers available online, all of which will allow you to create responsive and dedicated landing pages. However, with a market leading user interface and support, Unbounce in our experience is the best on the market.

What is Unbounce?

Unbounce is a web based application that helps you create individual landing pages. These can be used to help increase success with your email marketing, content marketing and event based marketing. The great thing about Unbounce is that it uses software to allow even those with no previous coding knowledge to build professional and effective landing pages in very little time.

How to use Unbounce for lead generation

Used intelligently, landing pages can be the driving force behind your modern lead generation activities. Through using data capture forms (online forms that prospects can enter information) and an offer that will be seen as valuable by your prospects, landing pages can be used to acquire lead qualifying information in a variety of ways.

A great example of where landing pages can help your business is around any event or conference you may be attending this year. Using the attendee contact information, which is often available through an event’s website, you can email attendees directing them to a specific landing page, engaging with potential prospects before the event. During the event you can also easily direct any possible prospects to find out more information or download a piece of helpful branded content by visiting a dedicated landing page. More engagement can also be encouraged after the event as those you talk to may visit the landing page once the conference has finished. An event or conference is just one example, and there are numerous ways any business can benefit from the use of landing pages within lead generation activities.

Why Unbounce?

Compared to alternatives available online, Unbounce is very competitive in regards to price and is the best in market in terms of features. Their landing page editor is simple to use, and though still very good, in my opinion better than what is offered by Lead Pages or Lander. The customer support offered is also really helpful, and their integration options allow you to easily add landing pages to your website domain and other lead generation apps. Responsive landing pages were also recently added, allowing you to create pages that can adapt if a prospect is visiting your landing page on a mobile device. They even offer a 30 day free trial so you have some time to decide if the software is right for your business. Take a look at their short product video below to find out a little more about how it works.