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It has always been your desire to convert more of your audience to paying customers.

You have valuable content on your website to help solve their problem.

You have calls-to-action in all necessary areas of your website to get them to subscribe.

But it is not just working!

Your conversion rate is still low.

It is not your fault.

It is just that you don’t know the strategy that marketing gurus are using to turn their readers and subscribers into paying customers.

There are several ways to convert your audience into paying customers.

But, if you are looking for a quick result, use Webinars.

Webinars are one or two-hour live video streams on any topic of your choice.

People who are viewing it can type in questions and add comments while the webinar is going on.

Kissmetrics (an analytic company) created 77 webinars that generated 518,399 visitors. 155,386 people registered to attend the webinars. 74,4381 of those who registered ended up participating. This generated 16,394 leads for the company.

Let’s assume that out of the 16,394 leads, the company closes at least 1 out of 20 leads. That will amount to $ 1,638,000 in revenue (estimated).

That is a lot of money from 77 webinars!

According to Buzzsumo, the most effective method of converting leads to customers is Webinar. The conversion rate of Buzzsumo’s webinar attendees to paid customers is 20%.

The reason why webinars convert at a high rate is because it is a type of content that is optimized for selling.

It does not matter the size of your audience or your product /service; you will still make money from webinars.

Registered attendees give you 100% of their attention during the seminar. They have undivided attention and are ready to listen to whatever you have to say. Unlike blog posts that they may not read to the end.

It also allows you to connect with your audience in real time. You have the opportunity to answer their questions and read their comments.

Below are ways you can use webinars to turn your audience into paying customers.

1. Use a good webinar platform

The choice of webinar software solutions to use is important. There are many webinar software solutions online. But the best are Clickwebinar, GetResponse webinar, and Gotowebinar solutions.

Clickwebinar is an excellent webinar platform. It offers customized branding, polls, webinar recording, promotion of apps such as Facebook, Moodle, Chrome, etc.

Getresponse makes it possible for users to have their email database and webinar under the same platform. That is appealing! The webinar room has audio and video streaming, online polling, desktop sharing, file sharing, and a digital whiteboard.

Attendees can connect with you and other users through the live chat box, to ask questions and drop comments.

Gotowebinar is one of the most popular players in the webinar industry. It offers email automation, customized branding, polls, desktop sharing, webinar recordings and sharing, post-session reports, etc.

2. Choose an intriguing topic

You have to sustain the attention of your audience during the webinar. To be able to do that, you will need to create an intriguing topic for your webinar. It will have to be a topic that will keep them glued to the screen.

It should be a topic that will interest them. Do not use a boring topic.

For example, a bad webinar topic will be – “Content marketing tactics

A good one will be – “How to create an effective content marketing campaign for your business”.

The second headline is benefit driven. It promises to show viewers how to create an effective content marketing campaign. It solves a problem for anyone who does not know how to create a content marketing campaign. This will make them curious to know how to do it.

You can let users know other benefits they will derive by watching the webinar.

3. Drive traffic to your webinar

To get a large number of people to attend your webinar, you will need to publicize it. You can start by sending emails to your blog readers to invite them to attend. You can place an ad for the webinar on your blog. Everyone that comes to your blog will see it and be informed.

You can use your social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social sites.

You can partner with other businesses in your niche and leverage their audience.

4. Plan and practice ahead of time

A successful webinar that will generate leads and turn them into paying customers need a lot of planning.

It does not matter whether you know your topic in and out or not, you still have to ensure that you know what you are going to say.

Presenting a webinar can be a nerve-racking activity. So take your time to prepare adequately.

5. Selling during the webinar

When you are presenting your webinar, do not shove your product down into your attendee’s throats. Make sure you give them valuable information that can solve their problems before you ask them to check out your products.

You should only mention your products/services when it makes sense. Leave room for questions at the end of the seminar, then offer them your products.

Webinars provide a quick way to convert your leads into paying customers. All you need is to prepare for it. It is worth the effort.

Now is the right time for you to start using webinars to grow your business.