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HUTCHINSON, Kan.. For hundreds of Kansas who are homeless, finding a comfortable place to sleep can be hard. Seeing that difficulty is why an 88 years of age lady who’s losing her vision chose to make it her mission to make them a location to sleep.We initially met Pat Thompson in July as she crocheted sleeping mats out of plastic grocery bags and provided to First Call for Assistance in Hutchinson. At that time she was making her 111thbed in 16 months.Wanting to acknowledge everything she’s doing, we dealt with First Call Executive Director Marilyn Graham to shock Thompson.Graham got her to the building for a trip. That’s where I met her for the first time.Despite her failing vision, Thompson

says it takes her about 2 days to crochet a mat. That’s not consisting of all the time it takes to get the plastic bags cut and usable.” Well Pat, we wished to shock you today with a Helping Hand. Eyewitness News and DeVaughn James Injury Attorney wished to give you$1,200

for all the work you have actually been doing,” stated Scott Evans. “Oh my goodness. I don’t be worthy of,”stated Thompson. It’s that humbleness that caught our attention.”You’re going to make me weep.” She started since

she was looking for something to do that would help someone else.”I just feel a lot for these individuals, and I care about them and it’s about all I can do

for them,”said Thompson.By the time she and her child Amy Mitchell met Dustin DeVaughn and Richard James she

had made 130 mats and used upwards of 78-thousand plastic bags. Each bag includes note informing them they’re loved.

“Pat, we’re honored to present you with a look for an Assisting Hand for all the fantastic work that you’re doing to assist the homeless. Well thank. I feel it’s an honor to get this and I feel it’s an honor to help these individuals,”stated James.To see other people and organizations who won an Assisting Hand, click here.