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It’s challenging adequate dealing with anxiety, however things get even more complicated when you toss a relationship in the mix. My boyfriend is extremely supportive and I’m so fortunate to have him, but I can’t assist however wonder if my poor psychological health is injuring him too.I often do not feel like making love. In the midst of a depressive episode, sex is the furthest thing from my mind. When I’m feeling well, we have a excellent sex life, so I know it comes as a little a shock to him when I go for a number of weeks without so much as even wanting to make out. My anxiety is the perfect storm of having absolutely no motivation to do anything and merely just not remaining in the state of mind. Deep down he understands it’s not because I’ve unexpectedly stopped being attracted to him, but I still feel bad every time.I can’t wake up. It appears like an insignificant point, however when you spend 16 hours sleeping, it really puts a dent in the quality time

you can invest together. There’s the fact that even when I am actually awake, I still feel drowsy and tired, which just makes me grouchy. It isn’t exactly conducive to a delighted relationship.I have actually lost interest in the important things we do together. There’s only many nights in a row you can invest in bed or on the sofa. It’s truly tough on him when I have absolutely no interest in our frequently arranged activities like going out to dinner, to the fitness center, or to the films. It sounds bad and I ‘d know he ‘d never ever admit to it, however it’s most likely really uninteresting for him.I can’t pay attention to anything. The worst part is at work when my productivity plummets and I just sit and stare at my computer for hours, however

relationships take work and need attention too. I sometimes discover myself not completely listening to what he’s saying or unable to hold up my end of the conversation. I actually am attempting, however I can’t pull myself far from the limitless unfavorable thoughts constantly cycling through my head.He frets about me way excessive. Although I may appear fully functional, I understand he’s stressing. I get a ton of messages from him throughout the day asking if I’m doing alright or feeling better. It

‘s truly sweet and I’m so pleased to have someone keeping an eye out for me, however I don’t desire him to have to fret about me and I understand he does.He thinks it’s his fault. While my anxiety can be brought on by things going on in my life, normally there’s no particular reason. It’s a typical mistaken belief that there must besome awful life-shattering event that causes anxiety, but that’s not the case for me. It is an illness. Unfortunately, my devoted partner can’t assist however question if he’s doing something incorrect or if I’m not pleased being with him. I’m continuously guaranteeing him that’s not true and this is simply something that occurs to me.I’m only concentrated on myself. When the days feel dark, it can sometimes be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, not to mention see what’s going on around you. I feel bad about it, however when I’m depressed, all my energy is focused on getting myself through. It takes a substantial quantity of effort simply to finish my everyday routine and pass for regular. I’m not able to react and tend to him the method I know I should.I’m not myself when I’m depressed. This is what bothers me most. For a few(or more)weeks out of the year, I’m not the individual he fell in love with. My typically daring, enjoyable, and amusing personality is briefly changed with a tired, grouchy, and unfortunate swelling on the couch. It’s not what he signed up for, however it

‘s something we have actually discovered to accept and deal with.I require a great deal of alone time. In a one bedroom house, I have to go out of my way to find some quality alone time. I need the time to sort through my ideas and perhaps even cry a little. From his perspective, it seems like I’m pressing him away.It might make me seem like a bad partner, but it doesn’t actually make me a bad partner.

At the end of the day, my partner has the knowledge to know that I have an illness. Even though I do in some cases feel bad, I require to come to terms with this reality. Mental illness aside, I’m not perfect and I’m doing the finest I can. Dealing with my depression together has actually made our relationship stronger.Have something to add?Jump to the comments