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A Nigerian girl has actually required to social networks to cry out after she wrongly sent out an outrageous amount of money to her ‘partner’s church’ for her tithe payment.

The lady revealed she wanted to send N40,000 however wound up sending out N400,000 and she tried lobbying to get her staying refund but the church has been telling her ‘it was God’s doing that she sent the N400k.

File Picture for detailed purpose.Her message checks out; This is not truly a relationship problem. So my boyfriend made me begin pertaining to his church often around December 2019. I enjoyed it, it is a preferred church in Lagos.

My Sweetheart is an employee and his family goes there too. I have actually never ever missed a tithe payment. My partner admires the pastor, treats him like a mini go even. The pastor can’t do any wrong. So in some cases last week, i wanted to pay my tithe of 40,000 and i mistakenly sent out 400,000 to

the church account. I called my partner immediately and he stated we will discuss it. When we saw later on i told him and

he said i should go to the church and talk with junior pastor. When i got to the church, the pastor started telling me that it is Gods doing that 400k entered

and i need to leave the cash with them that i will get blessings. I said i needed the cash to my shop rent and devices, they offered

me bad eye. I informed my boyfriend and he stated i need to be client.

He was currently angry that i insulted the church. I called my bank, they said the church needs to reimburse it that they can’t do it. Even my boyfriend’s mother and sibling was not so nice to me

when she saw me. They make me feel like i took or i’m a burglar. I am puzzled, this is my money, i have bills to pay

. Business has been sluggish this year. I love my partner. It is a 2 year relationship which might result in marriage. This might be the end of our relationship. I do not have much cash, i can’t provide 400k i did not prepare Read: