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“I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. Wait for the LORD; be strong and let your heart take nerve;”

Psalm 27:13 -14 nasb

I sat down to end up composing something totally different, but my fingers wouldn’t type.So, I strolled away.I discover myself in a familiar location today– Afraid.Too anxious

to sit.

Too scrambled to articulate sentences and believe up pretty words.I’m not myself– or rather, a previous type of myself.I do not like her extremely much and I struggle to provide her grace when she appears


I Would Have Lost Heart Unless I had actually Believed …

I’m battling a cold and tiredness seems to engulf me today.My youngest is home sick, he woke up at three a.m. with a high fever and cough. After providing him medication and a cool towel we sat together and saw some of the Olympics. My little guy drifted off at some point after 4 and I sat alone in the dark thinking.I understand better than to go deep when the night is heavy around

me … Whispers from the previous pull me down Depending on bed beside my sweet, sleeping cherub, I roam to a location years earlier in the middle of postpartum depression, when my older boy was sick. Back to a time when life appeared intolerable because I was having severe stress and anxiety and obsessive, intrusive thoughts.I was physically present however not so much mentally and mentally which left my memories blurred.My kids are no longer little.

2 of them are teens now and my tiniest– as my other half and I call him– turns nine next month.

Didn’t I simply bring him house from the hospital?The irritating voice in my mind whispers– Time is short … I move annoyingly in my bed because I am all too conscious that I can never get those days

back.My breath captures as tears fall while I grieve thepast.It hurts.The would of’s, shouldof’s and what if’s are there waiting– so are the worries that once swallowed me whole. None of them truly leave and if I search enough time, my emotions match my thoughts. I am left sensation defenseless and anxious.Today I am Worn out Memories have that result on me.I battle when ghosts from my past trigger responses, especially in weak moments.Today my body is eradicating illness while my mind battles to remain present.When I’m worn out I am more prone to anxiety. Depression constantly follows carefully

, looking for a chance to descend.I’ve been waiting

for a day like today. I knew it would come and I ‘d have to blog about it.We hear all the time how hard it is to be transparent. It truly is. Hard.Then the lies … Who do you believe you are to discuss conquering stress and anxiety and depression? You’re still here … You have absolutely nothing to provide … You’ll

never ever get over this … The ripple of a stone tossed years back in the lake of my life, still reaches me, even today, on an average snow-covered February morning.If only life were a sitcom, chuckling while all bad luck is neatly summed up in 30 minutes.But it’s

not.Life is made complex, tangled and imperfect.I ‘d love to tell you I am involved the prettiest paper and nicely connected witha bow, nope, I am a work in development. Bad days happen when you handle anxiety and depression. And often for

me, it’s the memories that set one in motion.But God … Making some soup for my kid, I identified the

most gorgeous little bird amidst the snow outside my back window. He didn’t seem to mind the frozen ground, pecking and digging till he discovered a worm. Pleased with his loot he flew off to the closest tree and sang a tune up until another sweet tune

responded.By observing my feathered buddy on this crisp winter season morning I am advised again that God is faithful.He was then, He is now.” I would have despaired unless I had actually thought …”I enjoy the King James Version of this scripture– I would have despaired unless I had believed …” Oh, how I lose heart when I forget to think! It is so appealing to look back and attempt to control the events of our lives– although, the only thing changed is us– we are left defeated, sad and powerless by lingering too long in the unchangeable.But God …” I would see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.”He reminds me of His faithful goodness IN the land of the living.Right. Now.When I dig through the icy memories at my feet I find Him there. The goodness of the Lord, even in the cold, even in the

filth. When I do, I increase above the cold to sing a tune of rejoicing for where I am at IN this minute.

“Wait for the LORD; be strong and let your heart take guts;” I texted my husband to request for prayer and my sweet person informed me to take a look at the cross.”You do not have to attempt harder, He did it all, simply look up in faith to Him.”Today I wait.I wait for this to pass.I fight to remain in the minute– in some cases battling doesn’t suggest pulling out weapons and fighting till you’re bloody.Occasionally it implies waiting. Allowing your heart to take nerve by standing firm in the reality you already understand. It takes a little time for our heart to thaw and take in courage.Then my man told me something else.”Do not try … Just write,” he said.So, I write My little kid is cuddled in

seeing motion pictures beside me, his fever warmed skin pressed versus mine.

I nuzzle my face into his sweaty head of hair as his blue eyes look up at Wreck-It-Ralph– all the while I breathe out a peaceful thankfulness for this moment– time alone with my Tiny while my older 2 are at school.Days like today happen, they simply do.Triggers come and unfortunate, anxious days will take place.

However just as the fragile bird sings his song among the wintry frost, I select to think I will see the goodness of the Lord IN the now.Reminders of past success and present grace. Hope.Won’t you join me today in thanking Him for the

hard days in addition to the good? They willcome which’s all right.”God is our sanctuary and strength, A really present aid in trouble … God remains in the middle of her, she will not be moved; God will help her when morning dawns.” Psalm 46: 1-2 & 5 NASB I’m linking with some great fellow blog writers today– click on the links and join me over there!