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The combination of extremely major drugs and pop culture can typically be a bothersome one as an Illinois male has discovered the hard way.27-year-old Justin Deemie had actually clearly been imbibing a lot of unlawful substances and seeing too numerous episodes of “The Walking Dead” when he ran amok in Peoria, eventually attempting to commandeer a plane at the local airport to get away to Florida which was a zombie safe zone.Mr. Deemie’s criminal activity spree happened in February when

in the wee hours of the morning, he broke into a neighbor’s home, took the keys to a car and headed for the airport. The then tried to ram the SUV into the airport and evaded security workers to take sanctuary on the plane.Even though he was flying on narcotics, he didn’t

know how to fly the aircraft to his destination and after that attempted to get into a police vehicle which he would drive to Florida to flee the zombies.Prosecutor: Peorian was ranging from zombies when he rammed airport terminal!.?.!— Journal Star(@pjstar) March 6, 2018 Via the Peoria Journal Star”District attorney: Peorian was ranging from zombies when he rammed airport “: A male who supposedly attempted to ram a vehicle into

the Peoria airport’s terminal, then boarded an empty aircraft and then tried to steal a county deputy’s team cars and truck stated he was fretted about an impending zombie apocalypse.After a Peoria County grand jury on Tuesday arraigned Justin T. Deemie, 27, of 1115 E. Elmhurst Ave. on charges of home invasion, domestic robbery, possession of a stolen automobile and criminal damage to government-supported home, prosecutor Steve Pattelli said Deemie had been under the influence of drugs early Feb. 17 when he started to fret about zombies at about 3 a.m.The 2005 Ford Escape that Deemie is implicated of stealing came from a woman in a neighboring home located in the

200 block of East Oak Cliff Court. Pattelli said Deemie got into the house trying to find secrets to her vehicle so he might run away to Gen. Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport. As soon as at the airport, he tried to ram his method into the terminal. He then accessed a restricted and safe area, made his way onto the tarmac and onto an airplane, the district attorney said.Once there, he recognized the airplane was empty and, whether it was fear of flying or zombies, he left the aircraft and ran towards a Peoria County constable’s deputy’s automobile, where he used a landscaping brick to break out the back window. The strategy? To take the vehicle and drive to Florida, Pattelli said.The deputy was able to shut off his vehicle from another location, and after that he and others confined Deemie after he tried to escape. Deemie was taken to a medical facility later, however that had as much to do with the toxicity of the drugs in his body as any possible injuries he had actually suffered, the prosecutor said.As an outcome of his misadventures, about a half dozen flights were postponed or canceled that day.Real piece of work isn’t he?If founded guilty of all charges, he would deal with up to 30 years in prison.Deemie need to now have some time to quit while he is the visitor of the authorities.

It’s probably best if he also is not permitted to watch any tv for a while.