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On Nov. 5, 2021, a married couple calling themselves “Mr. and Mrs. Saxon” appeared on the neo-Nazi podcast “Achtung Amerikaner” to plug a new project: a social media channel dedicated to helping American parents home-school their children.

The Dissident Homeschool channel — which now has nearly 2,500 subscribers — is replete with this material, including ready-made lesson plans authored by the Saxons on various subjects, like Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee (a “grand role model for young, white men”) and Martin Luther King Jr. (“the antithesis of our civilization and our people”).

There are copywork assignments available for parents to print out, so that their children can learn cursive by writing out quotes from Adolf Hitler. There are recommended reading lists with bits of advice like “do not give them Jewish media content,” and there are tips for ensuring that home-schooling parents are in “full compliance with the law” so that “the state” doesn’t interfere.

Over the past year, the Dissident Homeschool channel has become a community for like-minded fascists who see home schooling as integral to whites wresting control of America. The Saxons created this community while hiding behind a fake last name, but HuffPost has reviewed evidence indicating they are Logan and Katja Lawrence of Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Logan, until earlier this week, worked for his family’s insurance company while Katja taught the kids at home.

The Lawrences did not respond to repeated requests for comment made via phone calls, text messages and emails. A HuffPost reporter also left a message in the Dissident Homeschool channel asking Mr. and Mrs. Saxon for comment about the Anonymous Comrades Collective’s research. That message was immediately deleted by the channel’s administrators, who then disabled the channel’s comment and chat functions.

Although the Lawrences will now surely face some public scorn and accountability, it’s likely their neo-Nazi curriculum is legal. A concerted, decades-long campaign by right-wing Christian groups to deregulate home schooling has afforded parents wide latitude in how they teach their kids — even if that means indoctrinating them with explicit fascism.

Meanwhile major right-wing figures are increasingly promoting home schooling as a way to save children from alleged “wokeness” — or liberal ideas about race and gender — in public and private schools. As extreme as the Dissident Homeschool channel is, the propaganda it shares targeting the American education system is just a more explicit and crass articulation of talking points made by Fox News hosts or by major figures in the Republican Party.

The relatives confirmed that Logan and Katja home-school their children and that they have a German shepherd named Blondi, which is the same name as Hitler’s dog — something “Mrs. Saxon” had mentioned once on Telegram. According to a search of dog licenses in Wyandot County, Ohio, a woman named Katja Lawrence is the owner of a “black/tan” German shepherd.

Like when Mr. Saxon revealed that he and his wife live in a small farming community in the Great Lakes area. “A town of 6,000 people, in the middle of a cornfield that, up until about five years ago, was essentially 100% white,” he said on a podcast, lamenting that the area was growing more diverse. “Until 1945, there was a sign on the city limits that said ‘no negroes allowed within the city limits,’” he added.

After Anonymous Comrades Collective published its research earlier this week, neo-Nazis on Telegram mourned that the Saxons had been doxxed. A man going by the name “Gordon Kahl,” who hosts the “Amerikaner” podcast, wrote that “nothing bad happens to anyone who deserves it, just people like the Saxons who have never wronged anyone. What’s the fucking point.”

Mr. and Mrs. Saxon appeared to be thrilled to see their Dissident Homeschool channel gain a larger following. When the channel reached 1,000 subscribers, Mrs. Saxon posted a Nazi-era photo from Germany of uniformed schoolchildren throwing up fascist salutes. “It fills my heart with joy to know there is such a strong base of homeschoolers and homeschool-interested national socialists,” she wrote to mark the occasion. “Hail victory.”

Mrs. Saxon does the bulk of the posting in Dissident Homeschool, and developed extensive lesson plans that other neo-Nazi parents could use for their children. These lesson plans — about Christopher Columbus, the history of Thanksgiving and German Appreciation Day, as well as a “math assignment” about “crime statistics” that is meant to teach kids which “demographics to be cautious around” — are deeply racist.

One lesson plan about Martin Luther King Jr. tells parents to teach their kids that the revered civil rights leader was “a degenerate anti-white criminal whose life’s work was to make it impossible for white communities to protect their own way of life and keep their people safe from black crime.”

“A leopard doesn’t change his spots just because you bring him in from the jungle and try to housebreak him and turn him into a pet,” reads the Rockwell quote. “He may learn to sheathe his claws in order to beg a few scraps off the dinner table, and you may teach him to be a beast of burden, but it doesn’t pay to forget that he’ll always be what he was born: a wild animal.”

Another time Mrs. Saxon posted a photo of a copywork assignment her children had just completed. It showed her kids’ cursive spelling out a quote from a man who, as Mrs. Saxon noted, “fought a great struggle for our people and dedicated his life to securing the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

Mr. and Mrs. Saxon are clear that they don’t have a problem, per se, with public schools — just with public schools in their current incarnation. “I have said this before: if we lived in Nazi Germany my children would attend school and after school extra curricular activities,” Mrs. Saxon wrote once.

They frequently post videos and memes in the channel from far-right influencers like LibsOfTikTok, the popular hate account run by Chaya Raichik. LibsOfTikTok has been at the center of a conservative uproar over how schools talk about the existence of queer people, with Raichik’s memes and videos falsely depicting the LGBTQ community as using the classroom to “groom” children. Raichik is now famous on the right, appearing on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox Nation, and getting a shoutout on Joe Rogan’s podcast, which is the most-listened-to in America.

“There’s a lot of interconnectedness between the home-schooling movement and the current attacks you’re seeing on public schools,” Carmen Longoria-Green, a lawyer who serves as the board president of the Coalition for Responsible Home Education, told HuffPost. “The calls for books bans, the attacks on libraries, the attacks on public school teachers and limiting their ability to provide instruction about American history and so forth. It’s all quite interconnected.”

Longoria-Green, who was home-schooled herself, said the right-wing push to home-school kids started over half a century ago in response to Brown v. Board of Education, the Supreme Court ruling that desegregated America’s schools. White fundamentalist Christian parents were upset over their kids having to attend school with Black kids. Moreover, Longoria-Green said, these parents saw home schooling as a way to make sure their children’s education aligned with their religious ideology.

“They realized that it was a way to restrict access to information about science they disagreed with, so it was a response to their concerns about the teaching of evolution in public schools, and it also had to with desires to restrict children’s access to information about sexual orientation and sexuality,” Longoria-Green said. “And it answered their desire to restrict info about American history, specifically America’s colonialist, racist, genocidal past.”

“They activated home-schooling parents and basically bullied the legislators into removing all types of restrictions or protections that would have ensured that home-schooled children were receiving a good education and were safe,” Longoria-Green said. “So it is very, very easy in this country now to claim to be home schooling but to not actually be providing your children with an adequate education. And I’m not even saying a non-racist education. I’m saying it is quite possible in this country to claim that you’re home-schooling and then never teach your child how to read.”

Eric Landversicht, the superintendent in Wyandot County, where the Lawrences live, told HuffPost in a statement that he “cannot discuss the personally identifiable information of specific students due to state and federal privacy laws.”

“I just work hard to homeschool the children, live life, enjoy the children, do the whole homestead bit AND secretly anonymously share homeschool information with a group of fellow nazis on a private little corner of the internet so that our children can all become super race aware and fight for their race,” she wrote.