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At a time when our nation appears so polarized by politics, National Voter Registration Day is something we can all get behind, no matter who we’re voting for.

Ahead of the midterm, “Good Early Morning America” is highlighting some methods you can ensure your voice is heard, and how some organizations are stepping up to show there is no reason to not strike the polls this November.

PHOTO: Madison County election bailiff Shirley Lewis unrolls several I Voted stickers that they give to each person who votes in their respective party in the Mississippi primary, June 5, 2018, in Madison, Miss. Rogelio V. Solis/AP Madison County election bailiff Shirley Lewis unrolls a number of”I Voted”sticker labels that they provide to everyone who votes in their respective celebration in the Mississippi main, June 5, 2018, in Madison, Miss.Host a rosé and register celebration, or do what you have to do to rally your team for the sake of democracy Stephanie Young, a representative for the nonpartisan company When All of us Vote, which is co-chaired by former very first girl Michelle Obama, told “GMA” that it is important to make voting a “cumulative” activity.

Young advises beginning a conversation with those around you about ballot, saying, “People are more likely to listen to people that they understand and trust.”

“It can assist to encourage you,” to hit the polls, she said, “and it can likewise help to hold you accountable.

“Start a text chain, state, ‘Hey, is everybody registered?’ You can literally send them our link,” she said. “Then follow up with that text chain.”

PHOTO: Make Your Voice Heard: Group chat ABC News Photo Illustration Make Your Voice Heard: Group chat Carolyn DeWitt, the president and executive director of Rock the Vote, a nonpartisan nonprofit also focused on increasing voter turnout, repeated that positive peer pressure is a good way to increase voter turnout, specifically among youths.”Youths are a great deal of times inspired by the collective, by being part of something, “DeWitt informed “GMA.” Registering to enact the digital age is not hard In numerous states, registering to vote can

be done online, which has been a substantial method to increase

citizen turnout for many years, according to DeWitt.”We developed the first online voter registration tool in 1999 and have been innovating it ever given that.

We have it available to partners free of charge; we have it available in 14 languages,”DeWitt said. Utilizing this tool, DeWitt states they have had the ability to add more than 8 million citizens over the past seven governmental cycles.

Plus, registering online permits Rock the Vote to send suggestions, which DeWitt says have actually also been shown to increase voter turnout. You could likewise register to vote right from your phone, while scrolling on the ‘gram. In honor of National Voter Registration Day, the social networks platform Instagram is also making it easier for people to sign up to vote by executing includes feeds and stories that enable people to swipe as much as sign up

to vote or discover more about their states’voting rules, according to a company blogpost. Inform yourself on the voting process, and the issues”We have actually found over and over once again … the research inform us that young people do not take part at the exact same rate older voters do,”DeWitt told”GMA”of ballot.”A great deal of times they are unknown with the process and effects.

“DeWitt states that they have actually discovered education programs are a big method

to increase voter turnout, especially among youths.”Beginning recently we announced a program called Democracy Class, that is a complimentary one-period curriculum on the history and significance of voting that culminates in them signing up to vote,”DeWitt said. ABC News Picture Illustration Make Your Voice Heard -I voted Scores of school districts and companies throughout the nation– including the Los

PHOTO: Make Your Voice Heard - I votedAngeles Unified School District and the School District of Philadelphia– have signed on to carry out Rock the

Vote’s Democracy Class. Specifically just recently, DeWitt included that lots of young people are more inspired to end up and vote when they are informed about crucial problems, such as weapon control.”Youths are incredibly enthusiastic about the problems,”DeWitt said, including that”assisting youths comprehend how issues are really affected by the elections that are going on “is a big way to get them to the surveys. Have a plan on election day to hold each other liable When it comes to the real Election Day, Young suggests planning a day when you can all fit, as a way to hold family and friends members liable.”You can also do something very cute, and state,’ Let’s strategy to have supper that day after

we vote,'”she stated.”There are a lot of things that you can do, I like to

get my nails done; you can do a little voter health spa day.”Whatever you choose,”You need to make it an activity, you need to make it a thing,”Young included.

“There’s a number of things you can do, however it takes one strong voice that’s determined to influence their liked ones and their buddies in properly,” she added. It takes one strong voice that’s determined to affect their liked ones and their pals in properly. Young suggests doing whatever you need to do to hold yourself accountable.

“We have to treat it like any other activity, “she said.”We need reminders, we need an invitation, we need a calendar alert. “

ABC News Picture Illustration Make Your Voice Heard: Conserve the Date!Think hard about the reasons you or pals may

have If you have pals that offer logistical reasons on why they can’t vote, or why it is tough to vote, Young suggests encouraging them to consider what it means to stay home on Election Day.”I believe that regrettably voting has actually been made a little tough in locations around the country and that’s not a surprise, that’s a reality,”Young said. “There is clearly a reason some individuals desire some individuals to stay home, and we require to stop and take a moment to consider

it,”she included.”We’re informing folks not to offer their power away. “If transportation is an issue, there are a variety of organizations, including the trip share company, Lyft, that are providing free or reduced-price

trips to the polls on Election Day.”Individuals are attempting to make it hard and complicated and not the most convenient process,”she said.”But we’re letting people understand that it’s not tough as you believe it is.”Our democracy is stronger when everyone gets involved, “she included.< img src=

border=0 width=640 height =480 alt =”PICTURE: Make Your Voice Heard: Michelle Obama Quote “> ABC News Picture Illustrtaion Make Your Voice Heard: Michelle Obama Quote In a PSA released by When We All Vote, Obama notes a litany of reasons for why people say they didn’t vote, including everything from studying for exams to attempting to get supper on the table.” Voting can feel like the outermost thing from your mind; you may even feel like it’s just not worth it.

That’s precisely what some individuals want you to believe,” Obama said.

PHOTO: Make Your Voice Heard: Michelle Obama Quote“The reality is when we stay at home, things stay the very same or get

even worse.”DeWitt added that it is also important to

keep in mind the context of what would occur if everyone, particularly the young generation, believed this.”Ballot absolutely matters, you might not think that your voice or your vote matters, however when you put it with 70 million

other youths, there’s amazing power to choose the direction of not just our neighborhoods, however also our nation,”DeWitt said.