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As a teen Jerry David DeCicca had, by his own admission, an obsession with 40 something year old singer-songwriters. Listening to the similarity Reed, Zevon, Petty, Dylan and Springsteen informed the musical instructions he was to take. Previously with The Black Swans ‘Burning Daytime’ is DeCicca’s 3rd solo release and it nods more than a little towards another of that ilk, John Mellancamp.For proof of this look no even more than ‘Dead Guy’s Shoes ‘with the jangly guitar intro, the impact of an effective female backing track, provided here by Eve Searls, and its not irrelevant subject matter of battling depression. Here then, is the heart of the album in microcosm, great guitar riffs, subjects that veer from the benefits of treatment’I Walked Here ‘to seeing beauty in desolate times ‘Cactus Flower’ which excellent female vocal.DeCicca is at his best on these up-tempo tracks and, whether by mishap or design,

these type the core of the album with tracks 5 through 8 segueing perfectly one into the other.’ Burning Daylight ‘a tune about valuing how you spend your waking hours precedes the aforementioned’ Dead Guy’s Shoes’.’I Saw You Pray’ reveals gratitude for a buddy’s faith with’Bed of Memories ‘finishing this album within an album. That title track also permits us more of those terrific Searls’s tones as she signs up with DeCicca on duet vocals.The other tracks have more variations in speed and give DeCicca’s distinct vocals a various feel. Of these’Cutting Down The Country’is the standout of the entire album with DeCicca adopting an almost spoken style to deliver a passioned cry versus sprawl and suburbanisation. This singing works remarkably here along with wailing guitars and a killer keyboard groove. A magnificent piece of songwriting of which Mr Mellancamp would be proud.The album was recorded live to tape and you need to love a record whose sleeve notes follow up this truth with the comment that”any mistakes you hear were developed by humans playing music together.

“DeCicca has five extremely achieved humans working together with him here and together they have provided an album that, if unequal in locations, has a number of highlights that make it worthwhile of attention.< meta itemprop=name material= "Jerry David DeCicca "Burning Daytime" (Super Secret Records, 2018) "> Summary Tracks of genuinely high quality lift this piece of american life out of the pack