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New York City, NY- Lest anybody marvel why we appear to be raising a generation of Marxist radicals, look no further than our institution of higher learnings.

This list even includes a college that primarily teaches criminal justice. A John Jay College professor Erin Thompson offered pointers on social media on how to topple monuments much faster, according to Breitbart News.

Thompson, who is an associate professor at the college, teaches something called “art criminal activity,” whatever that is. Of course, she is a graduate from the Columbia Law School, in addition to having a Ph.D. in Art History also from Columbia, so that probably describes her extreme ideology.

According to her biography, she says she is “America’s only full-time teacher in art criminal activity.” Obviously, “art crime” isn’t a genuine popular subject location.

In a true screen of paradox, her bio said she studies “the damage done to humankind’s shared heritage through robbery, theft and the purposeful damage of art.” One can just laugh.

In her tweet, Thompson stated:

“I’m a professor who studies the intentional destruction of cultural heritage and I simply have to say … use chain rather of rope and it’ll go quicker.”

I’m a professor who studies the intentional damage of cultural heritage and I just need to say … use chain instead of rope and it’ll go much faster.

— Erin L. Thompson (@artcrimeprof) June 11, 2020

Gee, thanks Physician Obvious.

Her tweet got more than 93,000 retweets and in excess of 382,000 likes since Friday afternoon and was posted in reaction to a video of anarchists taking down a statue of Christopher Columbus in Minneapolis’ State Capitol earlier this month.

Her bio continued in an ironic twist:

“Currently, I am researching the methods which terrorist groups both offer and ruin art to support their genocidal campaigns, in addition to the legalities and principles of digital reproductions of cultural heritage.”

Breitbart said they reached out to Thompson, who directed them to a recent interview with the New York Times, where she said that the “damage of historic monoliths is entirely typical.”

“Destruction is the standard and preservation is the unusual exception,” she stated in her Times interview.

“I think a lot of individuals presume that since I’m an art historian that I would want everything preserved however I know that preservation is expensive,” she stated.

She advanced to mention the expense to protect the “Quiet Sam” statue at the University of North Carolina, where mad triggered university student constantly attacked it.

“I take a look at these statues as cash sink,” Thompson continued.

She likewise stated that she took a look at desecration of statues as a method of embarrassment, not simply damage, stating:

“… it’s a very rewarding way of attacking an idea– not simply by rejecting however humiliating it.

“These attacks demonstrate how deeply white supremacy is rooted in our nationwide structure– that we need to question whatever about the method we comprehend the world, even the past, in order to get to a better future.”

Apparently the teacher believes that destroying a statue of President Lincoln releasing the last slave, is in some way rooted in white supremacy.

This is who is teaching our university student.

Thompson likewise excused the existing attacks on monoliths as being different than what ISIS did when they destroyed historic artifacts in the Middle East, stating:

“ISIS was damaging monoliths of a tolerant past in order to attain a future of violence and hate.

“These protesters are assaulting signs of a hateful past as part of battling for a serene future,” Thompson said speaking of the anarchists destroying our heritage in the United States. “So, I think they’re precisely opposite reactions.”

Thompson might not, nevertheless discuss how the attacks on figures of individuals such as George Washington, former President and Union Army basic U.S. Grant, Catholic Saint Junipero Serra, and so on corresponds to “attacking signs of a hateful past as part of defending a peaceful future.”

That is due to the fact that she can’t. The destruction of whatever and anything having to do with our past and heritage as a nation is under attack, generally since these anarchist insurrectionists hate the United States and desire to transform int into a third-world Marxist utopia.

In concluding her New york city Times interview, she stated that she believes, “What is taking place now with statues being taken down didn’t need to occur in this manner,” and assumed that this has actually resulted as a result of previous “peaceful” demonstrations versus such monuments “have actually come to absolutely nothing.”

Breitbart said they reached out to John Jay College of Lawbreaker Justice; nevertheless, they did not respond. It is the height of hypocrisy nevertheless for this teacher to get paid to teach criminal justice trainees while at the exact same time promoting for those who, were these trainees to be hired as law enforcement officers, would assault them for doing their tasks. The paradox is mind-boggling.

This female would be better served teaching gender studies majors at Smith College instead of criminal justice trainees at one of the most distinguished criminal justice organizations in the nation.

A University of Alabama Birmingham college professor likewise took to Twitter to tell protesters how to effectively pull-down monoliths.

@TuesdayAgency is the agency that handles @indyfromspace/ terrorist Sarah Parcak speaking tours. It’s time to show up the heat & & ask WHY does @TuesdayAgency represent a TERRORIST that prompts riots and calls for damage of public & & personal residential or commercial property?

— John Adams (@RealJohnAdams76) June 26, 2020

The Washington Times stated that Sara Parcak, who is something called an “Egyptologist” concentrating on ancient architecture said she was an expert on obelisks, which is the shape of the iconic Washington Monument in Washington, D.C.

Finding racism everywhere is a hallmark of leftist college professors, and Parcak is no exception, noting that obelisks “may be masquerading as a racist monument.”

Parcak coached rioters on how to tear down monuments while networks were covering the mayhem in Washington, DC back on June 1.

PSA For ANYONE who might be interested in how to pull down an obelisk * safely from an Egyptologist who never ever in a million years believed this guidance might be available in helpful

* might be masquerading as a racist monolith I dunno

— Sarah Parcak (@indyfromspace) June 1, 2020

“PSA for ANYBODY who may be thinking about how to pull down an obelisk * safely from an Egyptologist who never ever in a million years thought this recommendations might come in helpful,” she stated.

Here’s a rough schematic. I note this is speculative archaeology in action! Simply my professional Hot Take and you may require more people, longer rope, etc. everything depends upon monument size.

— Sarah Parcak (@indyfromspace) June 1, 2020

She published many tweets recommending how protesters could topple obelisks such as the Washington Monument, which obviously would be too tall to fall, however there are many monuments in the country that mirror it.

“Simply keep pulling till there’s excellent rocking, there will be a growing number of tilting, you need to wait more for the obelisk to rock back and time it to pull when it’s pertaining to you. Don’t fret you’re close,” she tweeted. Neighborhood requirements on Twitter? Just for conservatives, not for anarchists.

Having second thoughts on her post, Parcak ultimately tweeted, “ALSO PLEASE DO NOT PULL-DOWN WASHINGTON MONOLITH.”


— Sarah Parcak (@indyfromspace) June 1, 2020

The usual suspects, if you will, reacted to Parcak’s tweet, believing that she was providing recommendations on how to topple Confederate monuments.

She tweeted:

“There might be one just like this in downtown Birmingham! What a coincidence. Can somebody please show this thread to the folks there.”

Reports in Birmingham suggested that one statue, that of Confederate Naval Captain Charles Linn was taken down utilizing ropes, as Parcak suggested in her tweets.

Naturally, feeling her white regret and opportunity, Parcak excused not speaking out previously about perceived injustices dealing with blacks in America.

“As much as I like archaeology and Egyptology, we have to acknowledge– esp now– their deeply racist, colonialist and nationalist roots– and continuous practices. It is a field that has actually triggered and continues to cause enormous damage (see DNA research study). We can all do so far better,” she tweeted.

The Washington Times connected to the university, which of course punted and didn’t respond to the question when asked if Parcak would keep her position at the university.

Tyler Greer, public relations director for the university, stated:

“These are not the viewpoints of the university. Our 45,000+ trainees, faculty and personnel typically use social media to reveal ideas that do not always reflect the voice of the university.

“If a public comment by a member of the campus community requires to be dealt with by Student Affairs or Person Resources, it would be. Nevertheless, workers and student conduct matters are attended to privately in between the specific and the organization.”

One must question what would take place to a more conservative professor revealing a various kind of public comment.

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