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Are you learning to drive a car finally? If yes, the first thing that you should do is apply for a learners licence. That is because the licence legally permits you to learn to drive with a person carrying a permanent Driving Licence on Indian roads. If you fail to carry a learners licence while you are out on the roads driving, you are likely to attract a penalty of Rs 450 or even imprisonment depending on your crime. A learner’s licence is also an important first step if you wish to apply for a permanent driving licence.

Things now are not so tedious and lengthy as it used to be some eons ago. Now you can sit at home, apply for the learner’s licence, appear for the test and get your licence within seconds. All this from the comfort of your home. You do not have to visit an RTO office to collect your learner’s licence. However, if you are eligible for a permanent driving licence, you will have to be physically present at the transport office and appear for a driving test. If you pass the test, only then will you be eligible for the DL.

So here is how you can apply for a learner’s licence and get it

— Visit the website

— Upon opening the website, you will be asked to select your state

— When you select a state, you will be taken to a new window with multiple options.

— Click on “Apply for Learner Licence”

— When you click on Apply for a learner licence, you will be asked to select whether you want to apply with an Aadhar card or without one.

— If you click on Applicant with Aadhar option, you will be eligible to take the test from your home or any preferred location.

— Then you will be asked to select whether you have a driving or learner license issued in India.

— Once you verify those details, you will be asked to submit your Aadhar card details.

— Half of your job will be done when you submit your Aadhar card number and the mobile number linked with that account.

— Your name and photograph will be extracted from your Aadhar card.

— Once all the details are filled out, you will be asked to make payment for the licence. Which is Rs 500 in Delhi for two wheeler.

— After the payment is made, you will be asked to watch a 10-minute driving tutorial. Make sure you watch the video completely as then only you will be eligible for the test.

— Once you have watched the video, an OTP and password will be sent to your phone for the test.

— Fill out the details and click on proceed for your test to begin. Make sure your device’s front camera is turned on.

— You will be given 60 seconds to answer a question. Make sure all your questions are answered quickly and correctly. You should get at least 6 out of 10 questions rights to get a licence.

— If you pass the test, the link to your licence will be sent to your registered mobile. If you fail the test, you will have to pay the retest fee of Rs 50 and take the test again.