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Trainees, alumni, and faculty of numerous schools are currently raising alarm over phony and replicate social media accounts that have reportedly appeared on Facebook.

It was UP Cebu’s official trainee publication, Tug-ani, that warned the public of these fake accounts after they found accounts developed under the names of its detained activists from the Anti-Terrorism Costs demonstration last Friday, June 5.

Ultimately, students and even alumni from not simply other UP schools however likewise from other universities found duplicate accounts under their names also. The profiles seemed newly made and have no display screen images, posts, or buddies.

“Following demonstrations in UP campuses and dangers to our students, there are now multiple reports of empty, replicate, and fake accounts bearing the names of UP trainees. We reveal our utmost alarm considering that these accounts are thought to trigger damage or spread false information. It would be best if we all stay informed and alert,” the UP Office of the Trainee Regent revealed on Facebook.

“We are motivating trainees NOT to panic and rather help each other in reporting SUSPICIOUS accounts ONLY. We just require to stand together against possible techniques looking for to silence our voice. Stay safe everybody!”

Lots of victims then shared links of replicate accounts under the post to request for help to report them.

If you think an account is impersonating you, merely go to their profile, click the three dots on the cover photo, and click “Find Assistance or Report Profile.” Pick the “Pretending to be someone” alternative and supply the genuine account it is impersonating, whether it’s you or your good friend. Report it as “versus Neighborhood Standards.”

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