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LOS ANGELES, CA- A video was released by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and LA Cops Chief Michael Moore informing illegal aliens that “their” City of LA will not work together with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The video likewise informs illegals what their “civil liberties” remain in concerns to coming across ICE agents.

The Mayor opens the video with this:

“No matter their migration status, I desire every Angeleno to understand their rights and how to exercise them.”

He goes on to tell the prohibited immigrants about their first, 4th, and 5th modification “rights.”

He continues:

“And if you need help finding any attorney, you can call 311 and learn more about our Justice Fund and other resources that use legal assistance.

And whenever possible, keep a record of everything that occurs. Bear in mind of an officer’s name and badge number, of when and where you are being questions so you can use that details in your own defense.

Despite your immigration status, I desire every Angeleno to understand your city is on your side. Here in Los Angeles, our authorities department does not collaborate with ICE or take part in migration enforcement.

Know your rights:

— Mayor Eric Garcetti (@MayorOfLA) February 15, 2020

And most importantly, I want you to understand you do not need to be scared. Your city is on your side. And rest ensured, here in Los Angeles, we are not coordinating with ICE.”

The Chief then chimes in and restates that the cops will not be helping or collaborating with ICE “in any way.”

He said:

“We will not implement migration laws that are civil in nature and that fall under the jurisdiction of the federal government. Migration is a federal matter. Safety is a cops matter. And we’re not going to mix those 2.

Everything we do is focused on what’s finest for the security and security of all Angelenos and consistent with our commitment to constitutional policing and deepening our community collaboration.”

Farther north, unlawful aliens in San Francisco are getting the same convenience and guarantee from their city leaders. Mayor London Type and SF County Sheriff Paul Miyamoto have also publicly stated they will not be assisting ICE.

During an interview, the Constable stated:

“Our department is not involved in immigration enforcement. We feel that it is a federal matter, and our realm of interest is public safety, and you can’t truly have a safe community if the community members are afraid to come to us to report crimes.”

Mayor Type is similarly enthusiastic about breaking federal law in order to keep people who shouldn’t be here precisely where they’re at.

She said:

“We’re being targeted on so many levels. However, the fact is we’re a strong city, we’re a resilient city and we will combat versus those attacks and we will safeguard individuals of this city.

[We will] continue to support our immigrant neighborhood and stand up for our city and we’re putting resources towards achieving that objective.”

What a lovely belief. Mayor, you aren’t protecting the people of your city, you’re securing the illegal aliens, including criminals, who live unlawfully in your city. You’re being targeted due to the fact that you’re breaking the law, simple as that.

The DREAM Act may be in limbo and ICE raids have undocumented immigrants on edge. Today SF’s Acting Mayor London Type made the city’s position on immigration clear, saying, “This is one of the problems I would not mind generally going to jail for.”

— NBC Bay Location (@nbcbayarea) January 19, 2018

The Mayor’s statement proves that she takes “resources” far from real, legal citizens and puts them into assisting illegal immigrants prevent the law and deportation.

These declarations and videos are being tossed out following President Trump revealing that he has authorized federal SWAT groups into locations designating themselves as “sanctuaries” for illegal aliens with the mission of making arrests of said aliens.

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In my research study, I discovered a quote that is so ludicrous, shocking, and almost laughable, that I needed to share it. Angela Chan is a former cops commissioner, and a criminal justice lawyer at Asian Americans Advancing Justice.

She said:

“The Board of Supervisors, and even to some level the Mayor’s Workplace, has been more unified in protecting sanctuary due to the fact that there’s this clear outdoors hazard that is definitely racist, anti-immigrant and engaging in white nationalism.”

It’s not racist to anticipate people in this nation to be here legally.

It’s not anti-immigrant to insist that immigrants who come here do so legally, like the millions of others who have done so prior to them.

San Francisco Sheriff Paul Miyamoto sparks outrage after refusing to cooperate with ICE, in the exact same jurisdiction where Kate Steinle was killed by an illegal immigrant. Chairman of the San Francisco Republican Celebration, John Dennis, weighs in.https:// fuspUgRxrW

— Fox & & Pals First (@FoxFriendsFirst) February 21, 2020

It’s not white nationalism to require that ALL locals in the United States of America follow the rules and laws of our terrific nation, despite ethnic culture, or face the repercussions.

Authorities and people alike understand pending ICE raids based on President Trump’s authorization and remarks made. Lots of have stated they doubt they will get a caution before hand like they have in the past.

Well, I definitely hope not.

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