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UC Berkeley teacher of law John Yoo weighs in on ‘America’s Newsroom.’

The mainstream media and numerous analysts on the left have actually welcomed attacks on Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s spiritual convictions. However Judge Barrett’s faith is something to applaud, not attack.As a young Catholic woman, I am inspired by, not afraid of, how faith can animate my commitment to God and Nation alike.Judge Barrett is a motivation to me and unquestionably to many others like me.I have actually known Judge Barrett my whole life. My mom clerked with her on the Supreme Court in 1998, and given that the Barretts relocated to South Bend in 2002, they’ve been a constant part of our lives.As a kid, the Barretts ‘house was one of my favorite places. We spent many dinners, vacations and weekday

afternoons there.The basement would be crowded with children playing board video games or hide-and-seek, the backyard loaded with kids swinging on the playset.I pertained to value the hospitality and faithful relationship Judge Barrett and her household constantly offered to my own. And, for many years Judge Barrett became a lot more

than just another parent, she ended up being a mentor and friend.When, in 2017, Judge Barrett was chosen to the Seventh Circuit, I watched as she managed a tough and often unsightly confirmation hearing with amazing grace. Her children sat behind

her as their mother was, as she constantly is, a design of poise and strength.She spoke to self-confidence and conviction to the Senate Judiciary Committee that her faith need not preclude her from serving her country. Then a 16-year-old, those words called in my heart as I battled with whether I could

do the exact same: practice my faith while operating in and for the world.For Judge Barrett, naturally, the response is always yes. One not only can be a public servant while living her faith: one’s faith can call her to serve.In the Catholic custom, we mention occupation: how God has called us to serve. Judge Barrett has a vocation to be an other half and mother, a law professor and a jurist. Now, as a junior in college, she models for me how to think about the ways I may be contacted us to serve.But do we not all seek our calling, even if we do not use that language?” This is my dream task;”” I was indicated to do this;”” I’m making a distinction. “We all seek a clear purpose or calling to serve: an incentive for the work that we do.Why, then, do challengers of Judge Barrett firmly insist that her faith and convictions is a risk to our American institutions? Far from it: her faith drives her commitment to service of those organizations. This 2017 image supplied by the University of Notre Dame Law School in South Bend,

Ind., shows Judge Amy Coney Barrett.( University of Notre Dame Law School via AP).

As a life-long friend and coach, Judge Barrett continues to demonstrate to me that one can both live her faith and serve her country.She influences me to commit my life to likewise serve others, not impeded however rather animated by my faith.As I have gained from
Judge Barrett, knowing my vocation is what permits me to react faithfully and do my work diligently.There is a place for this dedication, even when encouraged by faith, in our American institutions. There need to be. To pretend otherwise is an insult to the countless individuals of all faiths who are assisted both by love of our nation and Constitution and

by love of God.After twenty years of understanding and finding out from Judge Barrett, I understand her faith is not

trigger for issue, however rather one for inspiration. It has definitely inspired me.