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2.) Thanks very much to Visitor Who/ PRW for yesterday’s link to the open letter to Greta

I was captivated.
Despite (thank goodness!) finding some positive responses, I was horrified at some of the aggressive, juvenile, woke (+ racist) attacks on this person after writing the letter:

“She’s best … your wrong. It’s as basic as that I’m afraid. She fights for a better safe world. You are filled with small minded hate. She is more youthful than you … however you are immature. You combat for absolutely nothing … yet you have a big mouth vomiting up trash. SHUT UP Hill! You viewpoint implies absolutely nothing & & counts for absolutely nothing. You are not assisting anything or anybody. If you are mot a part of the solution, you become part of the problem … SO SHUT UP!”

“Should not he be picking cotton someplace?”

“What an extremely hateful, conceited, nasty, unpleasant diatribe– total with divisive tweets pre-packaged and all set to click, incredible. Speak about weaponized propaganda. Anti-youth, anti-climate change, confesses to no problem and has not one favorable difficulty or service in it. It’s all hate and disparagement. Pity on you.”

(States it all really). However does not that reveal what we are up versus and how “brave” one requires to be to speak out versus “man-made” climate nonsense?

He DOES appear quite outspoken. In 2015 his students set up a petition versus him (and claimed success):
“Students at DePaul University are annoyed at the pattern of racist, anti-Palestinian, xenophobic, sexist, and Islamophobic statements of Viewpoint Teacher Jason D. Hill. He has actually utilized words such as “uncivilized,” “barbaric,” and “primitive” in his tweets to explain Middle Eastern and Muslim individuals. In a recent article in the Federalist he has said, “… just a policy of extreme containment or expulsion [of Palestinians] stays a feasible option.” Professor Hill’s rhetoric is agent of a growing global far right movement that works as motivation for criminals of racist violence, such as that of the Christchurch massacre.

We, the students of DePaul University call upon the administration to censure Teacher Hill for his heinous declarations versus marginalized communities. His remarks create unsafe and unpleasant spaces for everybody, particularly Palestinian and Muslim students who now all refuse to enlist in a class that is taught by Teacher Hill. We are not only seeking censure, but for Professor Hill to dedicate to racial level of sensitivity training and to release a public apology for his unethical conduct.”

His response: “I think we live in an age where there is an abysmal absence of intellectual and ethical leadership,” Hill said. “I take myself to be such a leader, and I have no intents of releasing any apologies. I’ve spoken what I believe to be the fact, and I stand firm in what I believe in.”

“… Who was made to feel risky here?” Hill informed The DePaulia. “The professor who composed a post and required [cops] defense, or the trainees [Trainees for Justice in Palestine] who claimed to feel unsafe but were totally free to wander around school and take control of buildings with impunity?”

“I believe they’re missing one crucial reality,” Hill said. “Whatever they’re taking offense to, it’s safeguarded by complimentary speech. “
Referencing a little walk-out at DePaul’s online forum on Middle East and liberty of speech, Hill composed: “Intimidation by thugs/moral cowards chanting like pseudo rappers about me concealing is all amusing. At 19 I was an investigative journalist in Jamaica busting up a mafia ring– these kids and their antics are simply that– children at play. Finals are showing up. Find the library”

He appears spot on to me! … he doesn’t tick quite enough boxes for BBC (