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Social media was abuzz last weekend with screenshots of personal messages sent out by star Carlos Agassi to a lot of females. The story is that he presumably adds females on Facebook and after that messages them requesting their number, area, and if they ‘d wish to satisfy him for a date.Since being

exposed, Carlos Agassi has posted a response on his social networks accounts, saying that he’s only “a single male living life” which he is just “enjoying my life as long as I follow by Gods guidelines and mans guidelines“. Read the complete posts listed below:

true, so what ?! it is his sex life. He can sleep with whoever he wants and he isn’t requiring anybody. He may be a fuckboy but hndi sya mgging fuckboy kung hndi kyo nagppafuck– Celebration (@mlnvnss ) February 4, 2018 On the other hand, some individuals believe that his actions are untenable and disrespectful

: How can some individuals validate what Carlos Agassi is doing? Like saying that it’s the lady’s option whether she responds or not? He’s sick and perverted. There’s no reason to his habits and no woman should be randomly messaged for a one night stand.– Ava Te-Zabat(@artsyava) February 4, 2018 This Carlos Agassi thing, all I see is another man

utilizing his gender as an excuse for tropa mong ganto na

more possibilities of winning” Pero pag babae yung ganyan dinedemonyo nyo na– careless mama pal(@witchsenpai ) February 4, 2018

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