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These might appear like frivolous things in the context of a global health emergency, but they are not at all unimportant in the context of worry and isolation. It’s a horrible lot to ask of entertainers to quit performing, and it is a dreadful lot to ask of fans to avoid their shows.Expecting people

to do the best thing when the right thing contradicts humanity is never ever a good bet. Till it’s safe to sing along in public again, the only answer is for leaders to reveal some foundation and lock down the show halls and the bars. Last week Nashville’s mayor John Cooper did simply that.If we ever hope to experience the transcendence of live performance again, we’re going to need to support the artists we love up until the pandemic passes. We’re going to have to put some cash in the pointer container at virtual shows. Purchase the Tee shirts and the ball caps with the band logo designs on them. Above all, we’re going to need to begin buying records again. “The LPs and CDs that artists would have on their merchandise tables

at shows across the nation are there to be had on their website shops right now,”the Nashville music journalist Craig Havighurst told me in a recent email. Buying the merch”is the most potent method fans can assist artists survive this crisis. “If individuals can get in the practice of buying records again, it would go a long way towards helping

musicians and songwriters endure the pandemic and beyond.”This is the finest possible time to rethink our usage practices as fans for the short and long term,”Mr. Havighurst pointed out.”We ought to pursue a principles where we stream to find and acquire what we enjoy.”Margaret Renkl is a contributing opinion writer who covers flora, fauna, politics and culture in the American South. She is the author of the book”Late Migrations: A Natural History of Love and Loss.” The Times is devoted to publishing to the editor. We ‘d like to hear what you think about this or any of our posts. Here are some. And here’s our e-mail

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