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Third, we can not permit this scenario to become the “new typical,” as if attacks on Americans since of their spiritual or ethnic identities are now an expected part of our daily lives. No, they are not. These attacks break everything that Americans must love. An attack on any American group is a danger to the pluralistic material of our nation.Fourth, in spite of the

efforts of many elected officials and law-enforcement companies to keep us safe, more requires to be done– including enhanced information-gathering, harder prosecution and sentencing and increased public education– to respond to anti-Semitic attacks in our communities.One model for neighborhood engagement is what took place in Billings, Mont., in 1993, after a year of racist and anti-Semitic incitements that culminated with the throwing of a brick through the bed room window of a kid in a Jewish home that had a menorah on display. The reaction of Billings was swift and definitive. Under the leadership of the police chief and a newspaper editor, paper cutouts of a menorah were made commonly readily available. Countless families in Billings put them in their windows. The message was clear: Anti-Semitism and bigotry had no location there.In a study of American Jews by the American Jewish Committee, launched in October, 31 percent of respondents said that they had taken steps to hide their Jewish identity

in public, while 25 percent said they now avoided Jewish sites. And this study was performed prior to the recent attacks in Jersey City and Monsey.This is unacceptable. It is not our America. We get in touch with all Americans of great will to ask ourselves how each people can safeguard our inclusive vision for this country.Nita Lowey is a United States congresswoman whose district consists of Monsey. David Harris is the primary executive of

American Jewish Committee.The Times is devoted to releasing to the editor. We wish to hear what you believe about this or any of our posts. Here are some.

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