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This series of Tutorials and How To Guides help you become a better Factorio Engineer
Each video serves as a beginner’s guide but also contains tips and tricks for both veterans players

Before each video I am conducting a Factorio Workshop on Twitch with my community in order to refine and optimise the builds presented.

Join the live streams and be part of the design:
Present and discuss ideas with other players:

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Aiming for 1-2 videos / week depending on the time it take to create


Playlist from the beginning:

Save games:
Many different maps are used to showcase these videos.
Save games are available to Patreons in my Discord in #sub-only-chat

00:00 Welcome
01:03 Intro
01:56 Why this video?
02:20 What is a main bus?
03:03 What are the components of a bus?
04:30 How do I get started using a bus?
06:16 How big should my bus be?
08:31 What should I put on the bus?
11:34 How do I split components off the bus?
15:09 How to support the channel
15:49 Advantages/Disadvantages
18:28 Conclusion

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