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Dark circles are one of the most common skin concerns and their complexity also makes them one of the most difficult to treat. Based on lifestyle and genetics, there are two different types you may be seeing and unique causes behind each. But don’t stress (we’ll get to that) – there are steps you can take, from targeted skincare solutions to behavior changes, that will help reveal a more youthful-looking set of peepers.

First, it’s key to understand why the skin around the eyes ages like it does. Because it’s thinner and delicate with fewer oil glands than the skin on the face, this area is more prone to develop fine lines and wrinkles, become dehydrated, or lose elasticity and firmness prematurely. This thinness also offers more exposure to what’s underneath, like blood vessels or fat pads.

Show Your True Colors

We consulted dermatologist Dr. Lindsey Zubritsky, who broke down the two types of dark circles – brown and blue. “Brown circles which may be due to rubbing, allergies, eczema, or sun exposure.” These often appear in medium to dark skin tones and can be identified by brown and reddish tones under the entire eye area. “There’s [also] blue circles which could be due to stress, lack of sleep, decrease in circulation or dehydration.” These often appear in fair to light skin tones. Signs to look for here are visible blood vessels and purple, blue, or grey tones in the right corners of eyes. “Dark circles can also be hereditary and genetic.” Sometimes you’ll see a mix of both, occurring due to a combination of pigmentation and vascular or structural types.

 Our Dark Circle Solution

Dr. Zubritsky suggests a product that helps by brightening the skin. Enter: Super-C Dark Circle Brightening Eye Serum. “It’s clinically shown to improve the appearance of dark circles and works on both blue and brown circles. It contains a Vitamin C that is stable and effective but gentle enough for undereye skin.” A Botanical Brightening Blend also helps strengthen thin skin and depollute impurities under eyes to help clarify darkness. Plus, it firms and enhances radiance around eyes for a more awakened appearance. Basically, it’s the whole package.