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Kahula, a paralyzed dog, doesn’t realize that she’s paralyzed.

She just thinks that she does things a bit differently than others.

The sweet pup broke her spine and hip after a three-story fall, but that doesn’t stop Kahlua from living her best life.

“A paralyzed dog can live a long, comfortable, and happy life. Caring for a paralyzed pet can mean a little extra work for their family, but it’s worth it! With your love and support, most handicapped dogs can live a happy, healthy, and active life,” states.

Kahula can still get around. She just does it a little differently.

Since she doesn’t have use of her back legs, she gets around by scooting on her bottom when she’s inside.

Kahlua uses a wheelchair when she’s outside.

Since Kahlua has become such a pro with getting around, she’s giving out lessons.

She’s taught her human brother Caleb how to scoot around too.

Thankfully, Kahlua and Caleb’s mom caught the lesson on video. And it’s the cutest thing you’ll see on the internet today!

“Come on!” the video starts with mom encouraging Kahlua.

That’s when we see the happy Kahlua hopping up and down on her butt and scooting forward with her front paws.

Then the camera cuts to Caleb’s second lesson.

“Show him Kahlua. Show him,” mom says.

It seems that Kahlua wanted to give her brother a maneuver that was a little bit easier to master. This time Kahlua switches it up a little bit and uses her front paws to drag herself forward while her butt drags behind.

“There she goes,” mom says before Kahlua launches back into her hopping.

“There you go that’s how you do it,” she tells Caleb.

Kahlua is an excellent teacher because Caleb immediately used his two hands to pull his body forward and then slide his bum on the floor.

But Kahlua may have taught him too well.

“He doesn’t crawl at all. This is how he gets around now,” mom wrote on TikTok.

Caleb is Kahlua’s favorite pupil.

“Honestly, I never expected her to love him so much,” mom said.

The intensely adorable video ended up going viral with people gushing over its cuteness.

“The dog was so happy to show him!” one commenter wrote.

Apparently dogs teaching kids their first steps isn’t all that uncommon.

“My mom’s oldest Rottweiler taught my oldest how to crawl,” said another commenter.

This was Kahlua’s first viral video and within a few days, she became famous. Her adorable antics have been featured on lots of news sites and she was even on TV! Kahlua now has more than 91,000 followers on TikTok. She’s a star!

But she was a star even before she became internet famous. Check out her instructional video below.

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