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How to cook chicken kebab grill pan – Chef yossi’s Reviews Tuesday’s Rare ‘Blood Moon’ Eclipse Will Be The Last Until 2025! Here’s How to Watch : ScienceAlert Ask Adam Savage: How Lead Balloon Changed MythBusters!.?.!— Mickey Kaus(@kausmickey)

October 17, 2018 The greatest Democratic priority is

open borders!.?.!— CTIronman (@CTIronman ) October 17, 2018 Equated: Democrats will stop at absolutely nothing to permit more illegals to vote!.?.!— The Genuine Bepo (D)(@RealBepo)

October 17, 2018 She’s got absolutely nothing to offer.!.?.!— Democrat Strategist(@JammieWF) October 17, 2018 Here we have it: The leader of the Democratic celebration stating no border, no sovereignty, no country– at all costs.Sovereignty remains the defining problem of this period. This is what’s at stake in< a href="">

#midterms!.?.!— Jeff Giesea(@jeffgiesea)

October 17, 2018 This is why you state partial wall financing in exchange for a DACA fix

@NancyPelosi your time as Speaker has techniques that aren’t

working– Always Me (@ms_amanda_diva) October 17, 2018 Trump can’t find”common Ground “with California insane. — MedioCoyote(@MedioCoyote) October 17, 2018 We understand first-hand that censorship against conservative news is genuine. Please share stories and encourage your good friends to sign up for our daily e-mail blast so they are not getting locked out of seeing conservative news.