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Personal Story: Handling Mental Health Problem

by Aria Charlene Valdez, Newburgh NY

Dear friends,

Psychological disease can be treated with treatment and medication, however it does not cure it. It merely manages the signs. When you have any type of psychological disease it lingers every day of your waking life. You can have the very best life and it will wait on you. It will break you down until one day you’re susceptible … and after that IT WILL GET TO YOU.You can have all the self-awareness worldwide, support from friends and family, you can do the research study for coping mechanisms, you can even speak to others that share the same types of psychological disease and it will still be there.THIS IS FOR SOMEONE I LOVED AND LOST TO MENTAL DISEASE. I ignored his mental health problem, WHILE STRUGGLING WITH THE SAME ONE, “Chronic anxiety disorder.”

Do your research study people. Individuals have a major misunderstanding about anxiety disorder. It can intensify rapidly and unexpectedly.People that ARE UNAWARE of the symptoms or choose to neglect them can discover themselves SELF MEDICATING and quickly establish a substance abuse problem.DO RESEARCH, become conscious, and speak to people you can rely on.

You require to talk. It may be a concern in some instances, but do you understand what your loved ones will go through if you wind up dead from an overdose or commit suicide?Mental illness is exhausting. It’s a chemical imbalance. It’s a neurological problem. It’s not something to be embarrassed of. It can be a result of genes or it can be activated by persistent stress, or perhaps be set off by distressing events.You are not alone. There is somebody out there who will make the effort to help you figure this out. It can even be a stranger!TWO, I spent the last

4 years of my life handling PTSD. It took me 2 years to recognize this little devil. I soon discovered that it can be activated by

unanticipated death, rape, and spoken or physical abuse! I read that an absence of SUPPORT during these terrible events will increase your possibilities of establishing PTSD.There are ways to cope! Believe me. With self-awareness and support, you CAN BEAT THIS.You’re not alone, we treat co-occurring conditions