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For some, a flight on an aeroplane is a joyous occasion, however for others, there’s nothing more frightening.

Now a pilot has exposed the fact behind all of those odd sounds you hear while on an aircraft– which could put worried flyers minds at ease.easyJet piolet Chris Foster declares at least one in 6 individuals have a fear of flying.He has answered all the questions flyers have

ever needed to know, reports Hull Live. Mr Foster feels his list should put some people’s minds at rest.What would occur if

a flyer inadvertently left a mobile phone or iPad on throughout liftoff? In reality, absolutely nothing to be worried about. Airplane control systems are so advanced now, that they wouldn’t cause any interference.The policies date back lots of years to when we didn’t even have things like iPads.The laws are starting to be unwinded-you can now utilize

your devices in flight safety mode – and I believe we’ll see more changes over the next couple of years.Is it possible for somebody to unlock while in the air?No, never.

The airplane is pressurised and the doors are what we call ‘plug doors’, which prevents them from being opened up until the pressure is released.Can turbulence make an airplane crash?The opportunity of turbulence reducing an airplane is extremely remote.Turbulence causes pain, much

like driving down a road with lots of potholes does, however it’s not hazardous or unsafe.An airplane is built to stand up to a number of times the force of

turbulence you’re ever most likely to experience.Is it possible for an aircraft’s engine to ‘stall’mid-air? A< a href= > plane’s engine could fail, however that’s a very remote possibility since the amount of care and attention that goes definitely no difference.How close canyou get to another plane without it being dangerous?Around 1,000 ft is the closest, which is still a big distance. But when you’re on a plane it’s misleading -another aircraft can look much closer than it actually is.Are pilots allowed to consume and play music during the flight?During take-off and landing

it’s a very sterile environment without any non-essential discussion.

You’re totally concentrated on flying the aircraft.If you’re on a longer flight, possibly down to the Canaries, it gets a bit more unwinded as soon as you’re in the air however there’s still a great deal of keeping track of to be done and different checks, plus you have actually got air traffic control service talking to you, so you’re never ever sitting there with your iPod on.Sometimes the seat belt light comes on when there doesn’t appear to be a factor-why is

that?It’s simply us being careful-we may have been told another aircraft has experienced turbulence ahead for example. Our main issue is everyone’s security, so if there’s a risk we will put the light on, however in some cases by the time we get there the turbulence has gone.Do you ever get scared?I have actually been asked this sometimes and

the response is no-hand on heart. I’ve been flying since I was 16 and there’s never been a single celebration where I’ve felt afraid in the air.To learn about easyjet’s Courageous Leaflet course visit.