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A policeman in the house on quarantine took his spiritual questions to the internet and discovered answers that set his life on a brand-new course.

David * has been a policeman for 20 years. Just recently, he wasn’t feeling well and feared he might have contracted COVID-19.

Struggling with worry and stress and anxiety, David stumbled upon a website run by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s online ministry,, where he clicked to chat with a volunteer.

A Basic Concern

“I’m fighting with faith, and with whatever going on … much more so,” David typed.

Gloria, his chat coach, asked him a basic question: “Where do you search for peace in unsure times?”

David addressed that he looked within himself.

“I can comprehend that,” Gloria said. “The catch with that, however, is that our inner selves can be really disrupted by what we see and hear. That can cause anxiety, as you know.”

‘I’m Not Prepared to Go Yet’

Gloria discussed how it’s possible to have peace with God through Jesus.

“I haven’t had a relationship with God in so long,” David said, discussing that he usually believed living a righteous life sufficed to keep him in good standing with God. He started feeling sick and got evaluated for COVID-19. He was awaiting results and feeling anxious. Living a good life no longer appeared adequate.

“I’m not all set to go yet,” David typed. “I’m only 48. … I still feel I have things left to do.”

‘I’m So Lost’

Gloria reassured him that he might have peace in this life and the next and asked if he wanted to speak about how.

“Not if it’s a sales pitch,” David responded. A minute later, the wall he had actually built began to come down.

“I’m so lost,” he stated. “And extremely frightened.”

“Those are necessary words: ‘I’m so lost,'” Gloria reacted. “You have actually currently taken the initial step towards God. You know that you have a problem. It seems like you have been figuring out that your method is not the best.”

Bad News … and Great News

Gloria told David that she had a respectable concept of why he was so afraid about capturing COVID-19. Thus many individuals, he hesitated of death. She had good news about that, but initially, she shared some key Bible verses to help David see where he stood with God. Being a good individual wasn’t enough– for David or anyone.

“For all have sinned and fall short of the magnificence of God (Romans 3:23)” Gloria typed.

“You are recognizing the truth of God’s Word,” she continued, “that ‘the outcome of sin is death'” (Romans 6:23). That is why you are so afraid.”

“Well thanks for pointing that out,” David responded, his sarcasm discovering, even through the screen. “Now I’m even more afraid.”

“I’m laughing at your last comment. Please continue reading,” Gloria typed.

“That verse continues, ‘BUT the present of God is immortality in Christ Jesus our Lord.’ The truly, truly good news is that God understands that you can not reach Him through your own efforts. He supplied the way for you to do that. He likes you that much, David.”

When Gloria went on to share John 3:16, David said the verse recognized; he had actually seen it on signs individuals held at football video games. Now the words were personal:

“For God so loved the world, that he provided his only Boy, that whoever thinks in him ought to not die but have everlasting life.”

“God sent his own son, Jesus, to earth,” Gloria shared. “Jesus lived a life without sin however died a dreadful death. He took all of our sins upon himself, all of our punishment upon himself.”

“But what am I supposed to do?” David asked.

“Believe,” Gloria typed. “I can’t provide you a sales pitch on that. It has to come from your heart.”

“Now I’m laughing,” David stated.

I Asked Siri, ‘How Can I Get Conserved?’

“Do you wan na know how I discovered your webpage?” David asked a number of minutes later. “I went into Google, and I asked Siri, ‘How can I get saved?’ And your page turned up.”

He said he had actually hoped the prayer he found on the website, asking Jesus to be his Hero.

Gloria applauded God for leading David to salvation. She also ensured David comprehended that the power to have peace with God does not originate from the words in the prayer however from faith in Christ.

“The words of the prayer are not wonderful,” Gloria stated. “The crucial thing is the attitude of your heart.”

She motivated David to take the next action in his brand-new relationship with God by signing up for the complimentary Know Jesus discipleship course online.

As David began a two-week quarantine, God had given him a present he had not been looking for– the gift of time. The Lord had as soon as again used a short-term crisis to lead one of His children to immortality. In this time of uncertainty, it’s another reason to think God’s Word is always true.

“And we understand that for those who like God all things work together for excellent, for those who are called according to his function” (Romans 8:28).

* Name changed for privacy

Do you have peace with God in the midst of the pandemic? Simply like David, you can discover peace right where you are. Start here.

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