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Hi there! This is a video I’ve wanted to make for a while. Basically, this is a primer on how exactly we can approach the subject of revolution, and what the preliminary blocks towards that aim are. I hope you find it useful!
The Mao quote was voiced by the ever-lovely @Paul Morrin, so check out his channel, here!

00:00 Introduction
00:15 Chapter 1: Why Do We Want Revolution?
01:24 Chapter 2: The Approach to Revolution
01:59 Chapter 3: Building Organizations and Their Importance
04:29 Chapter 4: Education and its Importance
06:02 Chapter 5: Mutual Aid and Basic Organizing
08:52 Chapter 6: The Pitfalls of Organizing
11:34 Chapter 7: The Co-option of Progressive Movements
14:22 Chapter 8: Concrete Steps (What Can We Do Immediately?)
16:08 Chapter 9: Democratic Centralism and the Mass-Line
18:29 Chapter 10: The Role of the Individual
21:10 Chapter 11: Tasks of the Western Left
23:44 Conclusion

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