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It ends up that those skeptics who thought that college professor Catherine Blasey Ford would never attempt to reveal up to affirm prior to the Senate Judiciary Committee were wrong.The female who is

the lynchpin of the dastardly, coordinated, impeccably ready and well-funded operation that would be unleashed like a thermonuclear slime bomb to sink Brett Kavanaugh’s verification to the country’s highest court appeared in D.C. today and played to radiant reviews.Dr.

Ford conquered her worry of flying in the nick of time to play the starring function in the garish festival of congressional perversion that Democrats led by octogenarian Dianne Feinstein staged on Thursday in a spectacle that will diminish our organizations for at least a generation in the eyes of the civilized world.She naturally got the red carpet treatment and glowing coverage from a media maker that no longer functions as the Founding Daddies as soon as envisioned however rather something alien and grotesque.While Ford was provided broad latitude to provide her evidence-free,

decades-old accusations there were few who dared to risk the fury of the social networks dislike mob by explaining that the emperor had no clothes.Like Republican Senator Ted Cruz. Just days ago, the Texan got a direct taste of the intimidation methods of the new American “Brownshirts”when he and his beloved wife Heidi were verbally attacked in a D.C. restaurant by a gaggle of leftist goons.And offer him credit today for his unhospitable disturbance of the lynching of a damned excellent guy who along with his wife and children, has been targeted for termination with severe prejudice from a pack of hatemongering swine who continue their together with their collective transformation into something dark and alien that has its roots in early 20th century Eurasia.Senator Cruz inconveniently pointed out that Ford’s testimony might be as fake as the proverbial three dollar costs since all of her corroborating witnesses aren’t supporting this con game.CHECK IT OUT: Sen. Ted Cruz discusses all four witnesses to the supposed incident could not recall what was described by Ford.”We should seek to the facts, not confidential innuendo and slander.”!.?.!— Washington Examiner(@dcexaminer) September 27, 2018 Cruz also knocked it out of the park here with the additional twist of the knife of calling out the Dems for their treatment of Ford.Sen. Ted Cruz(R-TX):” Judge Kavanaugh you and your family have been dealt with exceptionally poorly by Senate Democrats and

the media. … This has actually been unfortunately one of the most disgraceful chapters in

the history of the United States Senate.”!.?.!!.?.!— CBS Night News (@CBSEveningNews )

September 27, 2018 Cruz might have alienated a good numerous conservatives with his opposition of President Trump during the heat of the 2016 Republican party primaries and later on the convention however with stuff like this, he’s winning them back.