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The Senate Judiciary Committee has simply released a summary of the FBI probe into the allegations against Kavanaugh.

Here it remains in its entirety:

Summary of Senate Judiciary Committee Examination(since October 4, 2018)


The Senate Judiciary Committee has taken part in a comprehensive and robust examination of allegations raised against Judge Kavanaugh. Throughout the last month, Committee staff members have actually collected statements, letters, and calls from individuals around the nation. The reports range from substantive claims of sexual misbehavior, to short messages to senators passing along web rumors and theories.Committee personnel continue

to work tirelessly to pursue any and all substantive leads. In the course of the continuing investigation, personnel members have consulted with 35 individuals, a job that requires extensive work during nights and weekends. More than 20 Committee staffers have added to the investigative efforts. The Committee has actually not gotten any proof that would corroborate the claims made by Dr. Ford, Ms. Ramirez, Ms. Swetnick, or anybody else.Allegations and Topics Ford Allegations In response to

Dr. Ford’s accusations, Committee staff repeatedly requested an opportunity to interview Dr. Ford, but her attorneys consistently refused. Committee staff offered to fly to California or any other location to talk to Dr. Ford. But as Dr. Ford discussed at her hearing, she was unclear that this deal had been made.The Committee hence resumed the hearing on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination.During the extra hearing day(Day 5), the Committee obtained more than 8 overall hours of public statement under oath from Dr. Ford

  • and Judge Kavanaugh.In connection with the hearing, the Committee gathered 24 pages of evidence from Dr. Ford in 2 productions. The Committee also got Judge Kavanaugh’s calendars.The Committee likewise received a statement, submitted under penalty of felony, from Dr. Ford’s ex-boyfriend, who cast severe doubt on the credibility of a few of Dr. Ford’s statement

prior to the Committee.Notably, he mentioned that he had not understood her to have any worry of flying or associated claustrophobia and that she had actually previously offered suggestions to somebody on how to effectively take a polygraph, directly

  • opposing her hearing testimony.Despite repeated requests by the Chairman, Dr. Ford still has actually not supplied a number of key products, including the charts from her polygraph evaluation, any recording of her polygraph assessment, and the therapy keeps in mind that she declared proven her
  • story. Dr. Ford has actually not offered these therapy notes to the Committee, despite the fact that she shared these same notes with the media.In addition to conducting the hearing, the Committee acquired declarations from the three individuals who Dr. Ford recognized as being present at the 1982 gathering: PJ Smyth, Leland Ingham Keyser, and Mark Judge(who sent two declarations). Each person rejected having any knowledge of the alleged event. Ms. Keyser mentioned that she does not even know Judge Kavanaugh and does not recall ever fulfilling him. And Mr. Smyth and Mr. Judge each said they had never ever witnessed Judge Kavanaugh take part in conduct of the kind described by Dr. Ford.The Committee got in touch with a total of 15 previous schoolmates of Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford. The Committee also received several declarations, signed under charge of felony, that support Judge Kavanaugh’s explanation of terms in his high school yearbook.Finally, prior to Day 5 of the hearing, the Committee personnel performed a transcribed telephone interview with Judge Kavanaugh relating to Dr. Ford’s claims. The Minority staff declined to attend.Ramirez Allegations In response to the claims from Ms. Ramirez, the Committee called Ms. Ramirez’s counsel 7 times seeking proof to support the claims made in The New Yorker. Ms. Ramirez produced absolutely nothing in reaction. Ms. Ramirez’s counsel refused the Committee’s ask for an interview. Committee staff nevertheless pursued the examination. Staff interviewed 5 witnesses with appropriate info. Committee staff likewise examined the public declarations

    of 3 other people and discovered they had no

    knowledge of the alleged event.Prior to Day 5 of the

    hearing, Committee staff performed a transcribed telephone interview with Judge Kavanaugh, subject to charge of felony. He rejected Ms. Ramirez’s allegations. Minority personnel went to the interview under protest and declined to participate.Swetnick Allegations In reaction to claims by Ms. Swetnick, the Committee requested evidence on 6 celebrations from her. Ms. Swetnick refused the Committee’s ask for an interview. In spite of this blockage, Committee staff tried to pursue the examination by talking to 12 witnesses who declared to have pertinent

    details. Committee staff acquired 2 sworn declarations from individuals with understanding of Ms. Swetnick’s character and allegations.Prior to Day 5 of the hearing, Committee personnel likewise interviewed Judge Kavanaugh on these claims on 2 different transcribed telephone interviews, subject

    to penalty of felony– both prior to(when Ms. Ramirez’s allegations were also talked about )and after Ms. Swetnick was identified by name. Judge Kavanaugh rejected Ms. Swetnick’s allegations, asserting that he does not even understand Ms. Swetnick. Minority personnel went to the interview under protest and declined to participate.Anonymous Accusation from Colorado In action to an anonymous allegation declaring Judge Kavanaugh pushed his sweetheart against a wall in a violent and sexual manner in 1998, Committee staff acquired a sworn declaration from

the female dating Judge Kavanaugh at the time. She unequivocally denied that this event ever took place.Committee staff also questioned Judge Kavanaugh on these claims throughout a transcribed telephone interview, subject to penalty of felony. Like his then-girlfriend, he rejected that the event ever occurred. Minority staff went to but refused to take part in the interview.Allegations by Others The author of one allegation recanted in a public Tweet. The Committee referred the private to the FBI for possible violations of 18 U.S.C. § § 1001(materially false

declarations) and 1505(blockage of congressional-committee proceedings). Committee staff questioned Judge Kavanaugh about the claims throughout a transcribed telephone interview, subject to charge of felony. He unequivocally rejected the allegation. Minority personnel went to but refused to get involved in

the interview.A second allegation was completely confidential. Committee staff questioned Judge Kavanaugh about the claims during a transcribed telephone interview, based on charge of felony. He unquestionably rejected the accusation. Minority staff participated in however declined to take part in the interview.

A female has subsequently

begun getting in touch with Senate offices, declaring to be the author of the confidential letter. Despite the fact that there are doubts about the authenticity of her claim, Committee personnel is investigating.Conclusion The Committee’s investigation, like the FBI extra background investigation, has discovered that there is no corroboration of the accusations made against Judge Kavanaugh.Facebook has significantly reduced the circulation of our stories in our readers ‘newsfeeds and is instead promoting mainstream media sources. When you share to your buddies, however, you greatly help disperse our content.

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