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Hey Guys,
In this video i’ll explain you about Share Market Details & what is Stock Market in Hindi.
I’m going to explain How Share Market Works & when to invest and when to sell share in Share Market – Full Step by Step Tutorial in Hindi (short course of Share Market).
Don’t skip this video, watch full video to know everything about share or stock market in easy language which include theory & practical.

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If you’re new in share market or don’t know what is share market, stock market, what is share of companies, you will get to know everything in details STEP by STEP.
First we will lean agency involved in stock market like NSE (National Stock Exchange), BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), What is DP (Depository Participant), What is Angel Broking, Zerodha, What is SEBI (Securities & Exchange Board of India).
We will see difference between Angel Broking & Zerodha, then we’ll lean how to open FREE DEMAT account step by step, documents required for DMAT account, How to Open DMAT account online from mobile phone.
We’ll leab how to Buy Share & How to sell stock in details, you’ll get to know the different contract notes generated after buying share in any company.
I also explain you which stock to choose, what is dividend, how company earn from stock, why you invest in share market.
Video is long but contain full knowledge of stock market in detail.

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8) What is Short Term Capital Gain & Long Term Capital Gain
9) Income Tax on Share Market & Different Tax: STT, GST, Brokerage

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