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. Cultofthe1st has now been banned by their publisher, Google. Cultofthe1stdedicated a criminal activity by releasing the truth. Some of what they composed has been caught by us: On Monday Sept. 17th, Christine Blasey Ford’s high school yearbooks unexpectedly disappeared from the web. I read them days before, knew they would be scrubbed, and saved them. Why did

numerous issues in that school that they sent her away. She is a very sad woman.I felt extremely sorry for her today because of the way the Democrats utilized her and abused her, however I felt more sorry for the children and the partner

of Brett Kavanaugh.And may I say to Senator Lindsey Graham, today he is my hero for what he stated, that everybody in this nation desired to state to the 10 Democrats on the committee,” Have you no embarassment? “We do not like releasing this. It’s rather disgusting to us to need to do so. But what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the look

. Brett Kavanaugh and his household have actually been harmed viciously by Obama Dimocrats with huge help from Christine Blasey Ford. So if BK gets investigated, C.B. Ford gets investigated. Problem for Obama Dimocrats is: BRETT KAVANAUGH HAS ACTUALLY BEEN” EXAMINED”6 TIMES ALREADY SO THERE IS NOT MUCH EVIDENCE TO BE COLLECTED FROM BRETT KAVANAUGH. However Christine Blasey Ford … well … there is a lot of details and files to be collected from Christine Blasey Ford. Little infantile, unstable voice, Christine Blasey Ford can’t seem to bear in mind things that occurred to her a few days, a couple of weeks ago. That’s some college teacher! She can’t remember recent occasions. She lies about her Worry of Flying even as she flies to far away Tahiti and Australia. She hasn’t been on the area shuttle yet however she certainly flies a great offer for tens of hours at a time for someone who could not make it to Washington D.C. due to the fact that she was so shocked by an occurrence in High School. She lies about being in California and has Fear of Flying so she can’t go to D.C. but then it ends up she was an hour or more

away on the east coast when the committee was in session. She has therapists. She takes polygraph(lie detector )tests. She conveniently remembers telling her hubby, whom she has to go to couple’s therapy with because this psychology teacher can’t negotiate home renovating problems with her other half without expert therapy. She can’t keep in mind when occasions take place– recent occasions– her granny’s funeral service, her polygraph test. She’s a powerless baby with a great deal of files and calendars the F.B.I. does not have however today will collect. Brett Kavanaugh has surrendered his yearbooks, calendars, lists of buddies, interactions, and responded to concerns in lots of sessions with Judiciary Committee attorneys and personnel in this instant and previous confirmation hearings. There is nothing for Brett Kavanaugh to turn over to the F.B.I. due to the fact that he has actually already turned over whatever. THE ONLY PERSON WITH MATERIALS AND EVIDENCE THE F.B.I. DOES NOT HAVE IS CHRISTINE BLASEY FORD.Then there are witnesses. Christine Blasey Ford has actually not been interviewed by the F.B.I. Christine Blasey Ford refused to be talked to by the Judiciary Committee staff. Christine Blasey Ford at the hearing declared she would work together with the F.B.I. and consult with them– she’s about to get that chance now. Christine Blasey Ford has great deals of problems. One of her most significant issues in this circumstance is that she herself offered the names of alleged witnesses to substantiate her years old claims. THE WITNESSES CHRISTINE BLASEY FORD HERSELF NAMED CONTRADICT WHAT CHRISTINE BLASEY FORD SAYS AND VERIFY WHAT BRETT KAVANAUGH SAYS. The witnesses! It’s not that the witnesses are disputing events.

It’s not that the witnesses keep in mind differently. It’s not that the witnesses, witnesses that Christine

Blasey Ford herself called as

HER witnesses, have variations in statement. It’s not that the witnesses have no names. Among the witnesses is the finest good friend in High School of Christine Blasey Ford. THE WITNESSES CHRISTINE BLASEY FORD HERSELF NAMED SAY THE EVENTS NEVER EVER OCCURRED. It would be something if witnesses stated they were at a party with C.B. Ford which cute Brett guy and that they vanished for a really short while and some witnesses say they went to the backyard, some state they went to the cooking area, and some say they went upstairs. That would be a witness dispute of varying recollections. … The witnesses all state IT NEVER TOOK PLACE. There is no dispute. There are no variations in recollections. All the witnesses concur that It NEVER TOOK PLACE. Christine Blasey Ford’s buddy states IT NEVER TOOK PLACE. The Very Best PAL STATES SHE WAS NEVER AT ANY PARTY WITH BRETT KAVANAUGH AND CHRISTINE BLASEY FORD. From< a href= > Trump disliking Politico: A female whom Christine Blasey Ford stated was at a party where Ford declared she was sexually assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh is rejecting that she understands the Supreme Court nominee.In an email to the Senate Judiciary Committee sent Saturday evening and obtained by POLITICO, Leland Keyser said she does not know Kavanaugh or keep in mind being at a party with him. The committee thought Keyser was one of the unnamed individuals referred to in a Washington Post story whom Ford kept in mind attending the high school celebration. Ford told the Post that she remembered Keyser being at the celebration. “Simply put, Ms. Keyser does not know Mr. Kavanaugh and she has no recollection of ever being at a celebration or gathering where he was present, with, or without, Dr. Ford,”said Howard Walsh, who said he has been”participated in the restricted capacity” of corresponding with the committee on behalf of Keyser.Walsh’s e-mail was in action to a missive from one of the legal representatives for the GOP majority personnel, which stated:”I understand that you have been identified as an individual who remained in attendance at a party that happened circa 1982 described in a current Washington Post short article. [snip] The Post story reported that Ford named two other teenagers at the celebration where the incident supposedly took place, in addition to Mark Judge, who stated he had “no memory “of the alleged assault more than thirty years ago.Patrick J. Smyth stated earlier this week that he has”no knowledge “of the party. He told the committee that he comprehends that”I have been identified by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford as the individual she remembers as ‘PJ’who supposedly existed at the party she described in her declarations to the Washington Post.”In a declaration launched late Saturday, White Home spokeswoman Kerri Kupec said:”One week ago, Dr. Christine Ford declared she was attacked at a houseparty participated in by 4 others. Ever since, all four of these individuals have actually offered declarations to the Senate Judiciary Committee rejecting any knowledge of the incident or even having went to such a party, “according to a pool report.”And yes, the Washington Post. Aside from therapists, lie detector records, deleted yearbooks, travel records, contacts with Obama Dimocrat companies and chosen officials, dead grandmas, home remodeling specialists, pals she called, letters she wrote, emails, text, there are likewise Huge Media reporters Christine Blasey Ford offered files to (files she refused to supply to the Judiciary Committee), for the F.B.I. to collect records

from– as well as fund raising organizations and sites. Also, there are all those deleted social networks accounts she scrambled to delete– why? and where is all the information they consisted of? The F.B.I. has a great deal of details to collect– on Christine Blasey Ford. The beautiful Brett Kavanaugh has actually turned over all his records and witnesses and he and they have cooperated fully and continue to cooperate fully. Tonight, while Christine Blasey Ford huddles with Obama Dimocrat Trump-hating attorneys to plan of new methods to delay and refuse to cooperate with the F.B.I. in event of details from Christine Blasey Ford– in West Virginia, President Trump will rally advocates of the pristine Pillar of Fire. We’ll be seeing in addition to the rest of the nation.