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An elderly man in Singapore went out for a haircut but forgot how to get home, and had to seek help from fellow commuters on the MRT train.

Thankfully, he encountered a kind stranger who arranged for him to be sent home in a Grab car, even giving him cash to pay the fare.

The man’s son, Derick Khoo, took to Facebook to share the story with the encounter with the Good Samaritan, and to thank the stranger, a man by the name of Jun Jie.

“Really 感恩 (grateful)” he wrote in his post on Jun. 2, which was shared almost 2,000 times after just four hours.

Elderly man remembered son’s phone number

While Khoo’s father had forgotten how to get home, he apparently still remembered his son’s name and phone number.

This allowed Jun Jie to call Khoo, who shared that he initially thought the call might be a scam.

To ascertain that it was not, Khoo called home, and received confirmation from his mother that his dad was indeed out of the house.

The senior man had gone to Holland Close to get his hair cut.

Jun Jie also sent a selfie over WhatsApp to confirm the identity of Khoo’s father, according to a screenshot of the exchange uploaded by Khoo.

Asia Image via Derick Khoo Yew Seng on Facebook

The kind stranger and elderly man were on the MRT train headed towards the direction of Joo Koon.

Jun Jie then told Khoo that he would be booking a Grab ride for the elderly man, and even passed him S$20 to pay the fare.

Khoo then arranged for his mother to wait at the void deck for the Grab ride to arrive.

Derick Khoo Image via Derick Khoo Yew Seng on Facebook

Khoo and Jun Jie appear to have spoken over a video call as well.

“Thankful to this kind man for helping my dad even though we don’t know each other,” wrote Khoo, who added that he reimbursed Jun Jie for the Grab fare via PayNow, topping up “a little more with sincere appreciation”.

You can see Khoo’s post here:

Top image via Derick Khoo Yew Seng on Facebook