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The BBC’s reporting on the various ins and outs of Westminster is constantly useful … Sajid Javid exits No11 slamming the door behind him and shows specifically why he needed to go … not exactly a team gamer, a distinct lack of loyalty … even before he went he was briefing versus the government and after going introduced bitter attacks upon it attempting to do as much damage as possible … however the BBC hardly observed these self-confirming mea culpas and was ony too delighted to fill the airwaves with his problems without examining his inspiration too hard.

When he determined in his resignation speech regarding how the next spending plan need to go and declared that Rishi Sunak need to do this the BBC itself informed us that if Sunak didn’t do what Javid informed him to do he was a stooge of No10, he was only doing what No10 informed him … he was, the BBC said, merely a ‘messenger boy for No10’.

Hmmm … so Sunak will be a No10 puppet and not his own guy if he does not do exactly what Javid, increasing from the tomb, tells him to do? Think about that on Emma Barnett’s program she was told that it was in fact Sunak [Javid’s deputy], in addition to Cummings, who was really writing the budget plan not Javid, even though he was the Chancellor. It is paradoxical that Javid is attempting to tell Sunak how to compose the budget … more informing that just minutes after being told that Barnett revealed outrage that someone without any experience ought to now be Chancellor who has to, er, compose the budget to be delivered simply weeks away. Barnett is so desperate to be ‘annoyed’ and to score points that she never ever listens properly and ignores pertinent info that opposes her scripted outrage that she has so carefully outlined out.

We have Priti Patel. You ‘d have little idea, listening to the BBC, that the factor all the hassle began was that civil servants were briefng against Patel by going to the Remainer Times newspaper rather than make internal problems … and making entirely incorrect and sensational claims that MI5 didn’t trust her.

What we are led to think is that it was all one way … Patel and her allies instruction versus Rutnam and Co.

. Curious that Rutnam went directly to the BBC to make his problem as public as possible understanding he would get an understanding hearing there … and sure enough he did … not a great offer of questioning of his story or motives … he is naturally a Remainer stay-behind wishing to work the levers of power in order to turn the excellent ship of Brexit around and dock it in a French harbour no doubt … curious also that somebody also briefing versus Patel, saying a main grievance had actually gone in against her previously, no record yet of this, went straight to the BBC to make this public. Ports of call the Remainer Times and the Remainer BBC … should be a pattern there someplace.

Oddly the BBC does not report this … from the Telegraph …

‘Iain Duncan Smith, a close ally of Ms Patel, stated: “This is a fight the Government needs to win otherwise all her coworkers will be dead in the water. There is still a group of civil servants who do not think in Brexit and don’t follow that there are things we can do now that we have actually left the EU.’

Rutnam is not going to suffer greatly from his resignation, his pension will be safe and he computed he was going to be pressed anytime quickly anyway so might also head out all guns blazing and try to take down a Leave voting Priti Patel and damage the government as much as possible. Can’t be long before he is ensconced in a nice EU related task eventually.

Naturally no sobs of racism or misogyny in Patel’s case, in truth the Left basically dismiss her and other Tory non-whites as Uncle Toms … from Spiked …’British Indian Conservative politicians have effectively been branded Uncle Toms and race traitors. One left-wing author described them as ‘turncoats of colour’. Home secretary Priti Patel has been implicated of having ‘internalised whiteness’ and a ‘Raj complex’. In a pathetic and strange hit piece, the Guardian– the bastion of chattering-class intolerance– highlighted Suella Braverman’s membership of a Buddhist sect ‘

The Guardian concerns Braverman’s Buddhist beliefs and thus her judgement … is the Guardian Buddhophobic?, [we understand the BBC is Hinduphobic] …’Braverman’s position within the sect is most likely to raise concerns about her personal beliefs and whether this might impact her judgment as the government’s senior legal professional.’

Would they do that in a Muslim’s case … say somebody like Sadiq Khan who has a long history of consorting with Islamist extremists? No, never ever, because, as Zach Goldsmith found out, to do so is Islamophobic … in spite of Goldsmith never ever pointing out Khan’s own faith … it was Khan himself who campaigned ‘as a Muslim’.

Need to conclude the only orchestrated project of vilification and smears is coming from those Remain civil servants with lots of unquestioning support from the similarity the BBC.

The Civil Service has fought with the federal government … let’s see who wins … and after that the BBC next.