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Ruling Super Bowl champion and University of Virginia alumnus Chris Long addressed thousands at John Paul Jones Arena on Friday, May 18, as part of Final Exercises.The valedictory speaker began graduation weekend at his university with a favorable message.Long discussed his time at UVA, his NFL profession, and his philanthropy work assisting to offer clean water in Africa. His overarching message was about conquering worry and adversity.The UVA legend informed his fellow Wahoos that anything worth doing in life is preceded by fear. He encouraged the future graduates to use that fear and permit it to propel them forward in their lives and careers.He spoke about overcoming misfortune in his career and refusing to quit before lastly ending up being a Super Bowl champ with the Philadelphia Eagles.”Prior to I was a champion, I failed and I hesitated,”says Long.”You discover that the most worthwhile workouts are preceded by this really human phenomenon: worry. Marriage, being a parent, profession decisions, speaking your mind on concerns you think in -I challenge you to invite fear and stop working from time to time. “Long also told the trainees that despite the fact that they are graduating, they’re still not quite grownups

because the dictionary defines grownups as being completely established. He motivated them to continue discovering and establishing throughout their entire lives.Long told the students that they are Charlottesville-that they are the amount of all of their experiences and all of individuals who have actually touched their lives.He challenged them to take what they’ve discovered throughout their time in the city and at UVA and go out into the world and spread this knowledge.Long likened this upcoming experience to football, telling them not to wait on someone else to make a play however rather to go make that play themselves.