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Some of our funniest sketch comedy videos collection from the past to keep you entertained! Buy power rings on Amazon here
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The funny videos in this collection are:
She Doesn’t Know How to Swim: When Eden’s SHK HeroForce power ring falls into the bottom of the pool, she doesn’t know how to swim to get it back! Hope is an expert swimmer and teaches Eden how to do all of the pro swimming tricks. But when Eden starts getting all of the attention for her super swimming skills, Hope gets competitive and tries to turn the attention back to herself. Eden and Noah feel bad for Hope and come up with a plan to make her the best swimmer again, will their plan work or will it back fire? Will Eden be able to save her power ring? Watch to find out!
Noah’s Perfect Party Battle: When Hope is having an awesome party for her friends, Noah gets competitive and decides he can have an even better party. Noah sets out to have the perfect party but when it fails he decides to sabotage the girls party instead. Will he succeed in the battle to ruin Hope’s party? Watch this sis vs bro vs friends battle to find out?
Stinky Cheese April Foos Joke: After Noah and Eden play a few April Fools day jokes on Hope, she decides it’s time to play a joke on them. So when they go to hang out with Ethan and Cole, Hope convinces Cole to help her plan a Sneak Attack on her brother and sister. They sneak Eden’s slice of stinky cheese into Ethan’s sandwich but the plan backfires and it’s Cole who accidentally eats the stinky cheese! The cheese is turning Cole into all sorts of funny things and Hope is trying to get Cole back to normal.
Will she be able to reverse the effects of the stinky cheese in time? And in the end who really gets fooled? Watch to find out!

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