A Google Multilocation SEO Strategy: How To Get The Most Out Of Keywords | Online Sales Guide Tips

by Laurie Sullivan , Staff Writer @lauriesullivan, July 9, 2021 Capitalizing on the time and the position of a hyperlocal organic listing in search results is key. In fact, this is the goal of multilocation SEO, to continuously increase the number of qualified visitors from unbranded searches to a nearby location. That’s according to research released Friday. A […]

The Different Types of Links: When and How to Use Them | Online Sales Guide Tips

Desiree Johnson July 5, 2021 Links make the Internet possible by connecting one web page to another. Without them, navigating online would be far more difficult. They are also vitally important to search engine optimization (SEO). Unsurprisingly, there are many types of links, each with its contribution to SEO. Generally, it’s helpful to look at […]

4 Reasons Your Organic Traffic Has Plateaued (+ How to Fix It) | Online Sales Guide Tips

We’ve all been there. You’ve invested a ton of time (and probably some money) into your site’s SEO with high hopes you’d be crushing it in no time. Perhaps organic traffic started to rise – along with a strong sense of hope – but then it stagnated. Or maybe it never made progress at all. […]

What are Bookmarklets? How to Use JavaScript to Make a Bookmarklet in Chromium and Firefox

Bookmarklets are browser bookmarks that execute JavaScript instead of opening a webpage. They’re also known as bookmark applets, favlets, or JavaScript bookmarks. Bookmarklets are natively available in all major browsers, including Mozilla Firefox and Chromium-based browsers like Chrome or Brave. Scripting with JavaScript Learning how to write scripts provides many benefits, namely the huge time-savings […]

How to Create a Brand Style Guide?

A brand guide is a rulebook that explains how an organization presents itself to the world through its logo, type, colors, images and much more. Join me and find out how well-known brands define their identity and assure consistency of their appearance and tone of voice. This video will be the perfect place to start […]

How to Screenshot Snapchat Without Them Knowing?

One of the things that most Snapchat users hate is that Snapchat lets the other person know whenever you take a screenshot. Be it a conversation of text message or story, Snapchat lets the other person know about it. While it’s a pretty good security feature, sometimes you may want to bypass it. So the […]

How to Build a Discord AI Chatbot that Talks Like Your Favorite Character

Do you have a favorite fictional or non-fictional character? Let’s build an AI model that speaks just like your favorite character. Then we’ll deploy that model as a chatbot on Discord, a popular messaging platform. What’s great about this tutorial is that all the coding and deployment happen in the cloud (for free!). So you […]

JavaScript Tutorial – How to Set Up a Front End Development Project

Let’s say you plan to build a website. Before you start, you want to set up a few tools to make your life easier. But which tools should you have? The JavaScript ecosystem is changing so fast that it can be overwhelming to pick the best tools to use. To solve this problem, in this […]

How to Get Answers from your Angels and Guides (POWERFUL!) Michael Sandler

We had to RESTART the LIVESTREAM – NEW LINK HERE: https://youtu.be/DzSoKzh7bAA You don’t need a medium, channel, or expert to hear from your angels and your guides. Through practices like Automatic Writing, you can connect today, and begin getting guidance from above. And there are technologies at your fingertips that make it easier than ever […]