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The BBC getting it absolutely wrong once again … stopped working on Brexit, failed on Trump, failed on 2019 election [and 2017, 2015, 2010], and is failing dismally on coronavirus as it attempts relentlessly to undermine the federal government whilst paradoxically still pressing the lockdown story.

Confidence in Federal government has increased 40% whilst self-confidence in the Media has actually fallen 21%… and no marvel.

Take for example today’s effort on Today by the BBC to exploit what Eamon Holmes stated about 5G and to spin it so that the BBC is provided as the only company of news you can rely on. Paradoxically the whole piece showed the precise reverse … why no-one in their right mind must think a word the BBC states.

Who did they cause to talk Holmes and 5G? The BBC’s really own Rory Cellan-Jones, their Innovation reporter. He wasn’t asked, and wasn’t inclined, to actually offer any technical background to this story and rather resorted to simple insults and dismissive put-downs. Holmes himself wasn’t allowed on to protect himself and no-one with anything critical to say about 5G was offered an opportunity to state anything … but wait … we did have an ex-BBC employer whose name completely leaves me today … he was equally scathing and derisive and somewhat short on truths and actual info on the benefits or otherwise of 5G.

Holmes said …

‘What I don’t accept is mainstream media right away slapping that down as not true when they don’t understand it’s not real.

“No-one should assault or harm or do anything like that, but it’s very simple to state it is not real because it fits the state narrative. That’s all I would say, as someone with an inquiring mind.”‘

The BBC has no concept if 5G is damaging in anyhow whatsoever … the EU hasn’t produced any research studies, numerous scientists have actually composed to the EU to require more research study on 5G, scepticism is swarming in many reputable clinical journals and standards have been produced for using 5G informing us … if we keep to the guidelines we must be OK …

“The ICNIRP very first published its international guidelines for security against hazardous impacts of radiofrequency fields in 1998. The primary modifications in the 2020 standards that pertain to 5G direct exposures are for frequencies above 6 GHz. These consist of: the addition of a limitation for direct exposure to the entire body; the addition of a restriction for quick (less than 6‐minute) exposures to small areas of the body; and the decrease of the optimum exposure allowed over a small area of the body. ‘

All of which means there is some threat with 5G.

The BBC invested almost twenty years telling us mobile phones would fry our brains and give us cancer … curiously Ofcom hasn’t been invited to investigate the BBC for spreading phony news and worry.

And Ofcom will investigate Holmes? The exact same Ofcom that told broadcasters not to criticise 5G, the exact same Ofcom that is the body charged with promoting and allowing 5G’s roll-out across Britain?

As the UK’s communications regulator, we have a role to play together with Federal government and market in enabling the development and rollout of 5G, and opening its advantages.’

Plainly 5G doesn’t transmit the infection as some claim … but what if it did hurt the immune system in some method … you can’t dismiss that entirely out of hand and say anybody who attempts to mention it is a madman as the BBC tells us Holmes is.

Why are so many respectible and credible researchers concerned about the possible damage 5G might do? Why is the BBC so prepared to attack and demonise anybody who attempts to raise the concern?

The BBC exposes itself yet again not to be a news organisation but a mouth piece for particular interests and worldviews, ready to shut down, censor and censure, all set to damn anybody who upsets that worldview.

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