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It has actually been said that the more the Democrats shoot their mouths off, the better off the Republicans will be. This definitely appears to be the case quite often.The supreme bastion of truth and stability– Dianne Feinstein stated today: ” It looks to be a product of an insufficient examination,”referring obviously to the recently finished FBI probe into sexual misconduct claims against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Feinstein went on to mention that the White House blocked the FBI from doing their job. It is likewise worth absolutely nothing that while Feinstein bemoaned having just five minutes per Senator to question Judge Brett Kavanaugh, I discovered that she did not complain that there was just five minutes allocated to question Christine Blasey Ford.If this author correctly remembers, Congress and not the White House dictated the terms of stated investigation.Let us likewise not forget that it was

Senator Feinstein that intentionally rested on the Blasey Ford letter for 2 months. During this 2 months Feinstein

elected to sit on the so-called evidence versus Brett Kavanaugh– the letter might have been revealed to the Judiciary Committee behind closed doors, and a personal FBI investigation could have been finished, all prior to the verification hearing.The Democrats remain in no way out to have a reasonable and objective examination. No, the Dems wish to thoroughly and entirely trash Judge Brett Kavanaugh– messing up Kavanaugh and his family permanently. The Kavanaugh hearing and everything associated with it is nothing more than a prepared exceptionally ruthless attack on Kavanaugh and by association President Trump.This writer is thinking the Democrats might have gone way to far this time. Americans are awakening to the extreme cruelty of the Leftist Democrats and their willingness to set aside all morals, and all decency– pulling out all the stops to do everything in their power to ruthlessly crush an innocent

guy in order to keep him off of the Supreme Court.TRENDING ON SONS OF LIBERTY MEDIA America is beginning to see the Democrats for what they are, the party of evil– pure plain and basic, Democrats Are Evil– and it is previous time to< a href= > do something about this clear and present threat

to America. The real paradigm shift in the Democratic Party started with Barak Obama; his lieutenants, Chuck-you Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Maxine Waters, and Bernie Sanders to name a few are running headlong off of the

cliff and onto the rocky coast in their outrageous quest to tear the United States to shreds– all to secure their goldmine and their power.The Democrats have actually lied to We individuals for years,(yes I DO know the Republicans lie too)claiming that they are acting in the very best interests of individuals. What A Joke.Hillary and company authorized the transfer of 20%of U.S. uranium to Russia– how did that advantage We the People?Letting our people

die in Benghazi– then trying to cover it up and lie about it– how did that assistance anyone?Barack Obama bowed before other world leaders, actually bowed to them, that was handy how?Hillary illegally undermined Bernie Sanders campaign with

  • the aid of the DNC– who did that serve?The Leftist/progressive media serves at the whim of the Democrats, or perhaps that is the other way around– whom does that benefit? Not We the People The Democrats love regulations– which implies larger and bigger federal government Obama,
  • Hillary, the DOJ, and the FBI to name a few conspired to spy on a governmental candidate and after that the president of the United States, Donald Trump– in what way did this aid We the People?Democrats want to raise up taxes again Democrats will use any way of attack consisting of prompting violence to accomplish their Leftist objectives– how is that helping this country?The Democrats are nothing but divisive, hate-filled, obstructionist
  • , liars Hell bent on having their method no matter who they damage or straight-out destroy.Need more evidence? Charged doxxer of GOP senators presumably threatened to publish
  • their kids’s health information

Naturally: Georgetown U backs feminist prof who wishes to eliminate GOP white guys VIRAL: View Pro-Choice Protester Roundhouse Kick Pro-Life Female Did Christine Blasey Ford perjure herself? Ex-boyfriend states she coached a pal for polygraph and had NOfear of flying Corrupt Senator Kamala Harris & Soros-Funded Group Join To Raise Money Using False Allegations Versus Kavanaugh

The Democrats will do anything to avoid Kavanaugh from being validated to the Supreme Court– including damaging him. Nothing individual here,

hey– it’s only politics.< a href & = > There is NO reputable evidence that Christine Blasey Ford’s story is true, yet the Democrats continue to run with it and dangle brand-new extravagant and uncredible allegations in front of the media, who naturally lap it right up– good old lapdogs that they are.Christine Blasey Ford’s story has more holes in it than Swiss cheese.< a href= > The prosecution attorney’s report after questioning Ford completely rejects Ford’s story. That is all this is individuals– a story formulated by the Democrats to ruin Brett Kavanaugh. The Dems did the very same thing to Clarence Thomas by means of Anita Hill do not forget.Our job as Americans is to get the word out about what these savage and terrible people with no conscience are doing to an innocent guy. Our second job is to go out there and vote. Let’s overwhelm the polls on November sixth and vote these Democratic sleazebags out of office.America requires a catastrophic red wave in the midterms– disastrous to the Dems– sending out a clear message to the Democrats that their time of wanton damage of this country and her people for individual gain is over.