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Based on her opening statement released yesterday, Christine Blasey Ford was entering today’s hearing at a disadvantage, credibility-wise. This doesn’t do her any favors, either:

Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell seems to be challenging Dr. Ford’s contention that she developed a fear of flying by pointing to a series of plane flights for work and vacation.

GOP counsel presses Ford on whether she flew to DC. Ford says she did, but says she has a bad fear of flying, though she admits she has flown around the world

Mitchell: How did you get to Washington, D.C., today?
Ford: On an airplane.
Mitchell: When were here in August, how did you get here?
Ford: On an airplane.
Mitchell: You’ve been to Hawaii and Tahiti?
Ford: Yes.
Mitchell: How’d you get there?
Ford: On an airplane.

We don’t contend that people who suffer from a fear of flying never get on a plane. But the fact that Ford was willing to travel to Maryland and undergo a super-sketchy polygraph test but refused repeatedly to fly to Washington to meet with the Senate Judiciary Committee, and didn’t take advantage of Chuck Grassley’s offer to fly Senate Judiciary Staff to California to meet with her, suggests that at the very least, her fear of flying is highly selective.

Establishing that Ford and her legal team lied about their reason for delaying her sworn testimony under oath.

She flies a lot. Democrats claimed she couldn’t testify Monday out of fear of airplanes. That’s the point of that.

For someone terrified of flying, she’s sure been doing a lot of flying, which akshully is only terrifying when it’s for work but not for fun. But #IBelieveVictims or something. ?

“Mr. Singal, you have said you are scared of giant Bavarian-style pretzels – repeatedly.”

“And yet you are eating one right now, during this very hearing.”

[through mouth stuffed with pretzel, trying to use a manila folder to cover a much larger pretzel] “Ro I’m rot”

Some of Ford’s behavior is consistent with that of an assault victim. She may very well have been assaulted in the past, if not by Brett Kavanaugh, then by someone else. But her case has been damaged by her own inconsistencies and by the shady and possibly unethical conduct of her legal counsel. She’s got an uphill battle ahead of her.

Ford’s lawyers unnecessarily damaged their and their client’s credibility by manufacturing the fear of flying story.

I legitimately feel badly for Dr. Ford. Not only is she clearly suffering, but it seems many involved here — Democrats and *her own attorneys* — have taken advantage of her in order to execute a bigger plan. This is not how you treat a human being.