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< meta itemprop=thumbnailUrl material=",3648,x626,y0"> CLOSE While affirming about sexual allegations made versus him, an emotional Brett Kavanaugh stated his 10-year-old child recommended they pray together for his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford. U.S.A. TODAY Absolutely Nothing about Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony has any evidence whatsoever: Opposing view

Do realities matter any longer? For Democrats, they do not seem to.Throughout her

testament, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford added no new information nor did she waiver in her dedication to her story. Something might well have happened to Ford, but gaps in her memory and every witness called by her directly opposing her claims can only lead a fair-minded person to conclude she is inaccurate about Judge Brett Kavanaugh.She doesn’t remember where it was, which could identify the last person she declares remained in attendance whose name she does not remember. That would likewise permit Kavanaugh to say whether he understood anybody who lived there, or the person whose house it was to say whether they understood him or such a celebration happened. She can’t keep in mind when it happened, which would allow Kavanaugh to show whether he was even in the area at the time. Everything else is scorched into her memory?Not how she got home– a journey that was several miles. Ford’s buddy at the gathering, Leland Ingham Keyser, not just does not remember being abandoned by her at this celebration, she doesn’t remember any such party happening.Everyone called by Ford states they do not remember this happening.Without a single drop of evidence and everyone else rejecting it happened, Democrats are prepared to destroy a

good man’s credibility and life. They do this for just one reason: politics.Democrats hardly ever legislate any longer; they use the courts to impose much of their agenda. With the balance of the Supreme Court possibly

swinging towards the Constitution, this pathway for their agenda threats being cut off. They’ll do anything to prevent that.Ford’s reported worry of flying was a lie. She informed the Senate she wished investigators would’ve concerned her, something they offered to do for more than

a week. No Democrat asked concerns developed to gather new info. They just applauded her”nerve.”Absolutely nothing about her accusations has any proof whatsoever.For his part, Kavanaugh forcefully and unequivocally rejected all of it. This case would be thrown out of any court in the nation. If the

foundation of our justice system, the presumption of innocence up until proven guilty, implies anything any longer, the Senate needs to disregard this story and vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh. If it does not, the future of the nation will be a dark one.If you can’t see this reader poll, please refresh your page.Read or Share this story:!.?.!Share This Story!Let good friends in your social network know what you are reading about Time to vote on Kavanaugh. Democrats savage a great man.Nothing about Christine Blasey Ford’s testament to

the Senate Judiciary Committee has any proof, writes Derek Hunter, a columnist for Town Hall.Sent!A link has been sent to your pal’s e-mail address.Posted!A link has been published to