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When going from a 2,200-square-foot standard house to a 300-square-foot remodelled RV, my family and I ended up getting rid of 80 percent of our valuables. Downsizing is an experience that I recommend to anybody– no matter the size of your house. While living in a The Tiny House Foodie,” resides in a Skoolie conversion with her spouse– their second tiny home. She advises always remembering the S.O.A.P:

Start little– however begin. Even if it’s simply going through that one shelf that’s been troubling you, a start to simplifying is still a start!

Only one right-sizing job at a time. Don’t jump into trying to scale down lots of things or lots of rooms at a time. This will likely cause you to become overloaded and unmotivated. Instead, start with one scrap drawer, closet, or room at a time.

Appreciate the process and stay in the moment. Purging will teach you a lot about yourself, your needs, and your desires. Rather of being overwhelmed by future uses for an item or the significance imbued in your things, ask yourself how it makes you feel today. It may take you several passes at purging in order to in fact make any headway in downsizing, however trust that each pass will bring you closer to that simple life of your dreams.

Practice appreciation. You might have a great deal of things which can be overwhelming. One method to overcome what seems like a massive job at hand? Focus on how fortunate you are to have had a bounty, and how fortunate you are to be able to provide things away.