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By: Linda Fodrini-Johnson, MA, MFT, CMC, Walnut Creek, CA

The existing worldwide pandemic is causing sleep deprived nights, hand wringing and some odd habits pertaining to worry that can sometimes bring out the worst in us. Nevertheless, we are likewise seeing some amazing acts of generosity and selflessness in neighbors assisting next-door neighbors. As, well as imagination in experts providing care to older adults.

The stress and anxiety that much of us are experiencing associated to the present Covid-19 epidemic is not the like an “anxiety disorder” which is more of a long-standing mental health condition that is treated with a combination of medication and behavior modification. What we have actually been experiencing is more a “situational stress and anxiety” brought on by something we can’t extremely well control outside changing our behaviors for a period of time.

Here are 4 suggestions and a few resources to help you or your family member handle anxiety:

1. Focus on the positives in your life and worldwide. Start your early morning with a gratitude prayer or list of what you are glad for. Check out the cartoons before you check out any news and save a favorable story to read last. I receive a spiritual reading daily that is composed in “affirmation” design, it offers me a sense of peace to start my day.

You could limit your news watching to every other day or when a week if you find it upsetting.

2. Mindfulness exercises are a wonderful way of detaching from all emotions by being gotten in touch with your inner being and at the very same time detaching from all the negativeness and to-do’s of our everyday lives. This does not occur with one shot; it is something that you require to do daily and increase the time of the exercise as you end up being more comfy. Just finding out to concentrate on your breathing can be an excellent very first start– aids with sleeping too!

4. Workout if you start to stress or end up being anxious. Walk or, do an exercise CD, yoga is a fantastic workout that is both a mindfulness practice and moves your body in order to be more flexible. If you can’t go to a class, order a beginner’s CD on the internet. If getting on the floor is a difficulty try to find chair yoga. I believe you will be seeing more online offerings as well due to the fact that this current crisis is highlighting imagination.

Diet is extremely crucial to psychological health. Keep in mind to consume well, look for immune improving foods to include to your diet like citrus, blueberries, almonds, mushrooms, green tea, and red bell peppers for a start.

If you need to process your worries, connect to a buddy or specialist. Sometimes it is simply great to talk through our anxieties. If you discover yourself or your older member of the family unable to follow the four tips in this newsletter and feel your or your relatives feelings are hindering life, (such as having problem concentrating or increased use of alcohol, or that chronic illness worsening), look for help.

Finding a local professional Aging Life Care Expert might ease your worry about aging parents at a distance; they can schedule all the regional support groups your member of the family might require during this time of “shelter in place”. They can supply reassurance and convenience particularly when family is at a range.

An excellent handout to show buddies is:

For additional information or to access an across the country directory of Aging Life Care Professionals, please see

About the Author: Linda Fodrini-Johnson, MA, MFT, CMC

Head of Corporate Care Management for House Care Assistance

Linda is a Certified Family Therapist and a certified Expert Care Manager. She is also a past President of the Aging Life Care Association. In 1989, Linda founded Eldercare Provider in the San Francisco Bay Location and became a pioneer in geriatric care management. Linda has always been a passionate teacher to households and specialists in the “aging area”.

Eldercare was sold to Home Care Support in 2015 and Linda now works as the Head of Corporate Care Management. She is likewise an expert with Dr. Leslie Kernisan’s, Better Health While Aging/Helping Older Parents– an on line training group.