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Tony Gonzalez was last but certainly not least in a Pro Football Hall of Popularity ceremony that lasted practically five hours. The previous Chiefs and Falcons tight end promoted 39 minutes and 17 seconds– the longest of the 8 Hall of Famers’ time on phase– finishing a couple of minutes prior to midnight.

Gonzalez’s speech focused on his failures that resulted in his success, telling 3 stories in his life when he was knocked down but not out. It included a rough 2nd season in Kansas City when he led the league with 16 dropped passes.

“I got benched twice throughout games. The coach said, ‘Go sit on the bench. You’re not playing well,'” Gonzalez stated. “I got booed by the house crowd, and rightfully so. I got written in the paper. They said, ‘This person is on the verge of being a bust,’ and it injured. I keep in mind remaining in my space sobbing, depressed, drinking, deep hole. The more it appears you get depressed, the more difficult it is to get out. And I was stuck there for a while until my brother composed me a letter and stated, ‘Hey, Tony, I do not understand what we have actually seen out there, however it’s not you. Get back to being Tony. You can do this.'”

Gonzalez clearly did simply that making 14 Pro Bowls, being voted All-Pro seven times and becoming a first-ballot Hall of Famer and probably the best ever to play his position.

Gonzalez, 43, ended his speech by reading a letter he composed to his three kids. He gave each of them the letter Saturday morning.

“You understand football has actually brought me great joy,” Gonzalez stated. “It’s provided us a life I never ever imagined. However none of that can compare to the delight, satisfaction, satisfaction or pride and love I feel for being your dad. I understand this Hall of Popularity weekend has had to do with me and my experiences to get to this moment. I now desire to shift this minute to you people. There is no doubt in mind that everything I have accomplished, you can accomplish more. This is only if you are brave adequate to discover what you truly like to do. In order to do this, you need to remain present, remain curious, remain happy. You do this, chances are you will not have to find what you enjoy. What you like will definitely find you. When it finds you, offer it all you have actually got.

“Where else would you rather be if you love what you’re doing? Why would not you desire to learn more about what you do if you love it? I guarantee you, time will escape when you discover what you love to do. Get prepared, due to the fact that in your pursuit of finding what you like to do, you are ensured of getting something that no one on this earth is immune to. Lovely growing pains are coming. Critics are coming. Like every kid of a success person, you will be compared. When this contrast comes, do not listen. Excellent or bad, do not listen. Comparison is the thief of pleasure. You will get knocked down. You will stop working. And you will doubt yourself. That is a good thing. That is where the gold is. That is where you will come face to face with who you really are and what you are made of. Be fearless and go there. The battle you have with inner worry is the most worthwhile battle you will ever have. Life removes on the other side of worry. When tough times come, dig deep, close your eyes and breath slowly. Inform yourself, ‘I have actually got this. I have actually got what it takes. I am more than enough.’ See the greatest version of yourself. Feel it with every cell in your body and let that vision guide you. For that is who you are implied to be.

“Success comes in all shapes and sizes, however there is a difference. Real success is more than making a great deal of loan or being recognized as one of the very best at what you do. True success has to do with giving back. It has to do with compassion. It’s about quality of relationships. It’s about discovering delight in other individuals’s delight. Trust me, I have learned these things the tough way at times. These concepts, combined with doing what you really love to do, will no doubt make you an all-star in the most important video game there is, that is the video game of life.”

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Getty Images Tony Gonzalez was last but certainly not least in a Pro Football Hall of Popularity ceremony that lasted practically five hours. The previous Chiefs and Falcons tight end promoted 39 minutes and 17 seconds-- the longest of the 8 Hall of Famers' time on phase-- finishing a couple...