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It was only a matter of time prior to cancel culture came for Trader Joe’s. The thing is, they weren’t really interested in listening.

On July 20, the Los Angeles Times reported that the supermarket chain was “in the process of getting rid of labels that utilize ethnic-sounding names meant to be funny.”

” The offending products bear such labels as Trader Ming’s for foods and condiments connected to Chinese food, Trader José’s for Mexican-style items and Trader Giotto’s for Italian-themed products,” Howard Blume reported.

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: fl-noexcerpt=” true “> Ad- story continues below This was prompted, Blume stated, because of a petition on The petition was started by 17-year-old Briones Bedell, who said she was offended by these labels– as was her household, obviously, who no longer patronized the shop.

” The Trader Joe’s branding is racist due to the fact that it exoticizes other cultures– it presents ‘Joe’ as the default ‘regular’ and the other characters falling beyond it– they are ‘Arabian Joe,’ ‘Trader José,’ and ‘Trader Joe San,'” the petition checks out.

Was this going to make a distinction? Bedell herself noted the issue probably wasn’t as high up on the left’s order of business as, say, cops cruelty, however stated she thought it was a great time to open a dialogue about “microaggressions.”

It appeared like the brand name had actually caved, issuing a declaration through a company spokesperson showing that future items would only bear Trader Joe’s branding.

< p class=" ad-notice flipboard-remove" fl: fl-noexcerpt=" real" > Advertisement -story continues below “While this method to product identifying might have been rooted in an easy going attempt at inclusiveness, we acknowledge that it may now have the opposite effect– one that is contrary to the inviting, rewarding client experience we strive to develop every day,” Kenya Friend-Daniel said.

A couple of days later on, nevertheless, the chain made it clear that Bedell’s victory over microaggressions was to be short-term.

Do you believe Trader Joe’s products are racist?