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Image copyrightKCNA
Image caption Don’t call it Air Force Un – the aircraft’s official designation is “Chammae-1”

A mystical North Korean airplane stationed at China’s Dalian airport was the topic of much speculation on 7 and 8 May.The aircraft was ultimately verified to be that of leader Kim Jong-un, who it ended up was meeting Chinese President Xi Jinping in the coastal city.Mr Kim’s increasing worldwide engagement has given the broader world a view of how he travels, with each check out showcasing a different type of transport.Image copyright KCNA Image caption KimJong-un was paid for a guard of honour on his arrival in Dalian Airplane-just an Ilyushin Kim Jong-un’s China see this week marks his very first validated international flight considering that

assuming power, but media reports recommend he has previously used his personal jet for travel within North Korea.The airplane that flew him to China was a Soviet-made long-range aircraft, the Ilyushin-62 (Il-62). The North Korea watchers at site NK News say it is called”Chammae-1″, called after a local types of hawk.Image copyright AFP Image caption The IL-62 jet was used to transfer North Korea’s delegation to the Winter season Olympic opening event previously this year The white exterior of the plane is emblazoned with North Korea’s

official name in Korean on2
sides, with the nationwide flag next to the text. The tail includes a red star inside red and blue circles.The airplane has modern interiors, and Kim has actually occasionally been

photographed working and convening on board.Image copyright KCNA Image caption Cigarette smoking is enabled on the Supreme Leader’s personal aircraft The Chammae-1 remained in the spotlight in February when it carried Pyongyang’s top-level Olympics delegation, including Kim’s sis Kim Yo-jong, to South Korea.South Korean news company Yonhap reported that the flightused the identification number”PRK-615″, perhaps a symbolic recommendation to the 15 June North-South Joint Declaration checked in 2000 by the two countries.Image copyright

Rodong Sinmun Image caption The North’s leader, seen at the controls of a Korean Air Force biplane, is thought to have an interest in flying Kim has likewise been seen using a Ukrainian Antonov-148 (AN-148), featuring state airline company Air Koryo’s logo, in a 2014 documentary aired by state-owned Korean Central Television (KCTV ). Kim Jong-un’s father Kim Jong-il and grandpa Kim Il-sung avoided air

travel, supposedly due toa fear of flying
. Kim appears to have no such problems, and in 2015 state media even carried footage of him piloting a”homegrown”light aircraft

and sitting at the controls of an AN-2 military biplane.Image copyright AFP Image caption The appearance of a green train with a yellow stripe en route to Beijing caused a craze of speculation Huge train When Kim Jong-un visited Beijing in March this year, he used a”special train”believed to be the same as the one used by his father for global travel up until his death in December 2011. Footage of the “dark green train with(a)yellow stripe” used by Kim Jong-un for his China see went viral on

China’s Sina Weibo social media at the time, stimulating comparisons to Kim Jong-il’s train.In November 2009, conservative South Korean daily Chosun Ilbo said that Kim Jong-il’s armoured train featured around 90 carriages. The train

had conference

rooms, audience chamber and bedrooms, with satellite phones and televisions installed for briefings.According to North Korean report, Kim Jong-il passed away aboard his official train while on his method to an inspection go to outside Pyongyang.Image copyright KCNA Image caption There’s plenty of space aboard Mr Kim’s train, but just if you are a fan of coral-coloured armchairs Commenting on KCTV video of the train in 2011, a source informed Chosun Ilbo that the primarily white furniture appeared to be” customized by foreign artisans using top-notch products”. Kim Jong-un’s train features similar furniture, but the couches and armchairs now seem an elegant coral colour.State media reports indicate that both daddy and kid utilized the train to hold meetings during their worldwide visits.Image copyright KCNA Image caption Mr Kim’s Mercedes did the taxi deal with his check out to Beijing in March Will not you purchase me a Mercedes-Benz? During his check out to Beijing, Kim supposedly used his personal

Mercedes-Benz S-Class to travel within the city.According to South Korean daily JoongAng Ilbo, the automobile was specially transported on board the

leader’s train.The paper reported that the vehicle, produced in 2010, cost approximately 2 billion Korean won ($1.8 m). Image copyright KOREA TOP PRESS POOL Image caption There was no space on board Kim’s Mercedes for

his flock of bodyguards at the Inter-Korean summit Kim’s favoured S-Class design was popular during the 27 April inter-Korean top

at Panmunjom, when he drove across the border with bodyguards running alongside.His convoy at the top was likewise reported to include a private toilet car, used by the leader to address the call of nature while travelling.This was also discussed in a 2015 report by Seoul-based site DailyNK, which said that a customised restroom is developed into among the vehicles of Kim’s convoy of armoured vehicles.Image copyright KCNA Image caption

With tips of Duran Duran’s Rio video, just the Supreme Leader gets a cushion on this boat Secret yacht State media in North Korea has

revealed Mr Kim riding otherwise on boats, a submarine, buses and even a ski lift.

He is also rumoured to use other forms of transport, however these are yet to be seen in his expeditions abroad.When state media published photos of his check out to an army-run fishing station in Might 2013, NK News observed a private yacht in the background.There was no clear verification that the luxury yacht, approximated to cost$7m, came from Mr Kim, or even how it was imported despite international sanctions on luxury goods.Image copyright KCNA Image caption Who in North Korea could potentially own a high-end private yacht of that size

? Given the price, however, lots of global media outlets singled out the nation’s ruler as the most likely owner.In June 2015, Washington-based Radio Free Asia reported that a scientist had spotted a new helipad at Kim’s lakeside vacation home in South Pyongan province.The scientist, operating at the US-Korea Institute of the Johns Hopkins School

of Advanced International Studies, suggested that the helipad might be used by Mr Kim’s household or visitors.Image copyright KCNA Image caption Kim Jong-un has a solitary cigarette while taking pleasure in a ski lift trip at

North Korea’s Masikryong ski resort Image copyright KCNA Image caption Mr Kim trips among his navy’s elderly ex-Soviet submarines Image copyright KCNA

Image caption Fares please: Kim Jong-un and his partner Ri Sol-ju take a midnight bus flight around Pyongyang earlier this year Reporting by Shreyas Reddy, extra material by Alistair Coleman BBC Monitoring reports and analyses news from TV, radio, web and print media worldwide. You can follow BBC Keeping track of on Facebook And Twitter.