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Dr. Christine Blasey Ford,

a psychologist. (YouTube)

Note: This story was updated at 12:58 pm.

(— In a signed letter sent out to the Senate Judiciary Committee, a previous boyfriend of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford opposes her sworn testament prior to Congress recently that she “never” counseled anyone on how to take a polygraph test.The signed letter by the ex-boyfriend is legally binding, which implies that if he lied, he faces a felony charge of up to 5 years in prison, discussed a spokesperson for the Senate Judiciary Committee.

In the letter to the committee, the ex-boyfriend– whose name is redacted– states that he was “in a relationship with Dr. Ford” from “around 1992 to 1998.” They had actually very first met in 1989 or 1990.

“During a few of the time we were dating, Dr. Ford coped with Monica L. McLean, who I understood to be her life-long buddy,” he composes. “During that time, it was my understanding that McLean was talking to for jobs with the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office.”

“I witnessed Dr. Ford assistance McLean prepare for a prospective polygraph examination,” Dr. Ford never ever mentioned Brett Kavanaugh.”

In an Oct. 2 letter to Dr. Ford’s lawyers, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley(R-Iowa) requested a number of files that have actually not been turned over to the committee, including Ford’s total polygraph examination outcomes and all audio and/or video of her polygraph test. Grassley also mentioned the declaration from the ex-boyfriend.

“The complete information of Dr. Ford’s polygraph are particularly essential due to the fact that the Senate Judiciary Committee has actually gotten a sworn declaration from a long time partner of Dr. Ford’s, specifying that he personally saw Dr. Ford training a pal on polygraph evaluations,”

wrote Grassley.”When asked under oath in the hearing whether she ‘d ever provided any pointers or suggestions to somebody who was intending on taking a polygraph, Dr. Ford responded, ‘Never ever,'” wrote Grassley. “This statement raises particular issues about the reliability of her polygraph examination results. The Senate therefore needs this information.”

Brett Kavanaugh

U.S. Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh. (YouTube)