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3 years ago, I chose I was prepared to get a dog. I got ready for months, investigated and lastly put a deposit down on my new furry family member. She got home with me at 2 and a half months old.

When I brought her home, she was horrified. Her little body was shaking, and she remained in her travel dog crate for hours, terrified to explore her new home.

As days and weeks passed, she gradually began to heat up to her environments. We became friends; she went everywhere with me. She didn’t warm up to my husband; in truth, it took her over a year to not run and conceal whenever he was around.

I didn’t know anything about her past, but ultimately, her past didn’t matter. What mattered was her present and how we picked to deal with her worries hour by hour.

It was during this very same time I was handling a new mental health medical diagnosis and resolving medication modifications. At the time, it was demanding dealing with a puppy and my own.

When she was 6 months old, she ran from our house and was struck by an automobile. Thankfully, we were right behind her when it occurred. My spouse (who she was still terrified of) scooped her up and we brought her to the vet.

Her injuries weren’t serious; a damaged leg that would need 4 to six months of recovery. It was a difficult time for everybody. She required unique care and supervision 24/7.

We made it through all of this together; and today, she is an incredible, adventurous and bold dog loaded with love and enjoyment for everything she comes across.

The last three years together have been incredible. We have actually grown together however I still have a long method to go. I enjoy her and appreciate her resilience and her capability to progress previous her.

Canines have such easy minds, permitting them to arrange through the mess much simpler than we can. I sometimes envy her recovery and overcoming her anxieties so rapidly. Then I keep in mind, time passes in a different way for dogs. What appears as a couple of years to us, might appear like a couple of decades to them.

Maybe when I have lived through a couple of more decades, I will experience the kind of recovery she has. And when that day comes, she probably will not be around anymore however everything she taught me will reside on with me permanently.

And on the hardest days, I will reflect on my memory of her and her durability and find strength.

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