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THEY are the resident life coaches on This Early morning helping audiences to face their worries and alter their lives.Married couple

Nik and Eva have actually helped numerous individuals, consisting of celebs overcome fears, dependencies and anxiety utilizing their special techniques. Here’s all you need to know …

Today’s resident life coaches, married couple Nik and Eva Speakman

Who are Nik and Eva Speakman?Nik and Eva Speakman

are a married couple who cope with their 2 children near Rochdale in Greater Manchester.The set have studied human behaviour together for over 20

years and run their own treatment company assisting people conquer a series of debilitating psychological issues.The couple use a behaviouristic method to therapy and have dealt with individuals with issues varying from eating disorders to worries and phobias and self harm.In 2014, they starred in their own daytime TELEVISION program called The Speakmans, where they helped members of the public conquer their fears.Among individuals they helped were a lady who had a fear of vomiting and another woman who was too

afraid to go to the dentist.They were later on made the resident therapists on ITV’s Today, and have given their professional views on other programs such as

Loose Women, Big Brother and Surprise, Surprise.What is Schema Conditioning Treatment? The married couple use Schema Conditioning Treatment as a method of treating their clients Schema Conditioning Treatment is a strategy that has actually been developed by the

Speakmans and they have practiced it for around 20 years.The utilize the strategy by assisting their patients

to recondition negative thoughts or behaviour.They claim to do this by using frustrating evidence and contrary proof to a client’s damaging behaviour in the hope they will change their ways.The Speakmans state they developed their strategy by studying noteworthy psychologists such as John Watson and Carl Rogers.They think that assisting individuals to alter their thought process, this in turn will help them to eliminate signs of stress and anxiety.The couple state they

only use this form of therapy as no other has the very same results in such little time.Which celebrities have the Speakmans worked with?Not only have the Speakmans worked with normal members of the public, celebs are likewise among the clients.One of the first well-known faces they dealt with was Kerry Katona who at the time was attempting to

turn around monetary and drug problems.Speaking at the time, Nik stated:” We got her over all those concerns and she’s still without medication and drugs today. It’s the Speakman magic.”Another

star client is Corrie actress Kym Marsh, who turned to the couple to conquer her anxiety of driving on a motorway. The Speakmans on Today after assisting Atomic Kittycat vocalist Liz McLarnon who suffered from a phobia of flying While last year, Today host Holly Willoughby was helped by the pair after she confessed a worry of flying.Other notable celeb patients have actually consisted of Peter Andre, Katie Price, Vicky Pattison, Liz McLarnon and Linda

Robson.They even assisted talk show host Jeremy Kyle conquer his long-lasting fear of spiders.This Morning audiences pleased to see PTSD sufferer Russell Dean growing