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“I’m inspired by worry.”

A pensive Will Smith sits across from talk program host Charlie Rose. His tip finger hovers just above his cupid’s bow as he continues. “Fear of worry. I hate being scared to do something.” The movies to vlogs on facing his greatest worries.

Today, Smith will as soon as again show his valiancy at the Grand Canyon throughout a YouTube channel Yes Theory, a group of 3 earnest boys who enthusiastically welcome the idea of stepping beyond your convenience zone. The trio provided a difficulty to Smith in February, daring him to join them in a jump.” For as long as we can keep in mind, Will Smith has actually been a hero of ours,” explains one Yes Theory member, Ammar Kandil, in the difficulty video. The group grew up on Smith’s work, from Fresh Prince to Guy in Black and The Pursuit of Happyness.”However to us, he is n’t simply another actor. He’s an ambassador of what we believe in, the Yes Theory. Part of what living by the Yes Theory means is recognizing that if we wish to create a better world together, we need to selected love over fear. And worry is a subject that Will Smith deals with on the day-to-day. “Little bit more than a week later, Smith reacted with a video of his own. Difficulty accepted, it stated. Smith’s rely on YouTube was confusing for some, even mocked by others. He’s not the very first celeb to try his hand at vlogging. Smith isn’t simply another A-list star. He was” the most effective star”in Hollywood at the height of his career, a star who exudes the sort of universal charm and relatability that ensures fans throughout the spectrum will forever remember him as the Fresh Prince and Agent J, and not the man who starred in those< a href= > extremely bad David Ayer movies. That sort of talent has translated into popularity, fortune, and awards for Smith in the past. Now, it offers him the power to transcend conventional Hollywood and roll unobstructed with the brand-new wave of online star. Smith isn’t trying to bring TV to YouTube; he’s meeting developers on their level.

Yes Theory’s Thomas Brag states that while lots of celebs might still feel business or stuffy on the platform, Smith still discovers as genuine. His videos feel “raw and genuine,” Brag states, and offer a behind-the-scenes, humanizing take a look at the life of a big star. “It’s kind of bridging the space in between conventional TV and digital media,” Brag informs The Brink. “For some creators, it might be frightening to see someone like Will, however I believe it just legitimizes the platform more. It makes it amazing, even, that he would team up ‘with a YouTube channel.'”

In a vlog explaining how he landed among his most renowned roles, Smith tells his story interview-style to a cam. “Being well-known and broke is a shitty mix, ’cause you still famous,” he says. An animated version of Smith side-eyes a fan requesting an autograph while he speaks. “People recognize you, but they acknowledge you while you sitting next to them on the bus.” Smith’s natural charm, in addition to the wacky visual interpretation to add levity to the story, turns the anecdote into something intimate. It places the viewer behind the scenes in a visual way.

speak with his household about getting rid of worry. “You get to view them on YouTube in a very real interaction in between a dad and his family,” says Kandil. “I think that’s really effective video for him since you have a great deal of self-help individuals who speak to the video camera and [offer advice on how to act] … You hardly ever see a father because setting.”

Smith’s focus on YouTube talks to the actor’s capability to adjust, even after a long and flourishing career. Hollywood and YouTube will only continue to get closer, and Smith’s adoption is another step towards that marriage. It’s an useful move for both sides. Kandil states that there’s much to discover from Smith’s lessons, whether they have to do with self-esteem or battling depression. “I saw a lot of my good friends engaging with [these videos] due to the fact that it was things they were going through themselves, however they didn’t really discover a voice out there that might discuss it like Will did. He’s just a really caring guy, and the way he predicts love, and the method he puts out his message is extremely effective, and it’s extremely unifying.”